Elden Ring Dataminer restores functionality to mysterious Colosseum area

It didn’t take Ring of Elden fans all this time to dive into the game files to search for hidden and unfinished content. Dataminers have found all sorts of things while browsing Ring of Elden‘s, including evidence that the game was once going to have a bestiary and a quest to investigate NPC dreams. Dataminers have also discovered unused areas of coliseums that they believe were either saved for DLC or removed from the game, and now more information on how exactly these would have worked has been revealed.


Ring of Elden YouTuber Sekiro Dubi has managed to restore one of the Coliseums to functionality, giving fans more insight into how they will work if DLC or would have worked if they were just cut. In their investigation, Sekiro Dubi found a site of grace inside what the game apparently called the Leyndell Colosseum (assumed based on a similar chain found in the files called “Stormveil Colosseum”), then in the actual arena, they found two enemies fighting against each other.

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It’s basically a classic Gladiator setup, with a humanoid enemy battling a lion-like beast, labeled Gladiator Large and Old Lion of the Arena respectively. The two Ring of Elden enemies fight to the death, and Sekiro Dubi uses the opportunity to show viewers other parts of the arena. It is clearly inspired by the Roman Coliseum, and it would have been interesting to see it implemented in the final product.

In the video, Sekiro Dubi presents two possibilities for the Leyndell Coliseum and the others dotted Ring of Eldenis an open world. One possibility is that FromSoftware was planning to include them only to change their minds at some point in development and cut them. The other scenario is that these arenas are the foundation for some kind of future Ring of Elden update or DLC.

As of this writing, FromSoftware hasn’t actually announced any plans to Ring of Elden DLC, so fans should keep that in mind. However, many FromSoftware games have been supplemented with DLC expansions, and considering Ring of Eldenit would be surprising if the studio didn’t capitalize on the game’s popularity by releasing a paid expansion at some point.

Although it is not clear if Ring of Elden will ever get a paid expansion, let alone one that incorporates these arenas, fans can count on the game to get more updates. After Ring of Elden updates are on the way to fix bugs and fix other lingering issues with the game, and they may add new content to the mix as well, if previous updates are any indication.

Ring of Elden is available now for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X.

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