Elden Ring Clip shows how dangerous walls can be

An Elden Ring fan shares a clip that shows how the game’s walls can be just as dangerous to players as the game’s many enemies.

Ring of Elden was one of the most anticipated games of 2022, and it seems to have lived up to the hype in the eyes of many. Its wide array of intimidating enemies and fearsome bosses cemented the game’s reputation as FromSoftware’s most ambitious title to date. However, a Ring of Elden fan shares a clip that shows how dangerous even walls in this game can be.

FromSoftware’s games are known for being incredibly difficult, but most of that difficulty comes from their grueling combat systems. The entire soulslike genre is set up in such a way that even a single random enemy encountered on the map can demolish a careless player. This encourages the player to hone their skills and approach each battle with caution.


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Redditor Thenadamgoes recently shared a short video clip featuring a bizarre encounter where in-game walls nearly killed a player. In the video, a Ring of Elden the player is shown walking along a narrow stone path over a long waterfall, with a steep cliff on the right side. They tread carefully when they suddenly encounter an armed knight on the path ahead of them. Unfortunately, this encounter happened in what might be the worst place possible.

Thenadamgoes character is armed with a long sword, which would normally be a solid choice of melee weapon. However, when the player goes to attack the knight, his blade will bounce off the nearby cliff. The video is nine seconds long and most of the runtime consists of the player trying to attack the enemy and failing due to the wall. Their hits continue to be intercepted by the wall instead of hitting the enemy, allowing the enemy to attack them freely. Finally, the player manages to push the enemy back and their blows start to connect.

In the accompanying text, Thenadamgoes called this the most stressful combat encounter they had in the game. Apparently, this happened due to the specific location where the attack takes place, namely a curves to the right which makes it difficult for a melee fighter to engage with an opponent. This effect also occurs in real life, which partly explains why medieval castles often had spiral staircases. The idea was that a right-handed fighter would be at a disadvantage when climbing stairs with a sword. Invaders would be forced to go around the curve entirely before they could reliably hit defenders, giving the defenders plenty of time to take them out.

Ring of Elden is available for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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