Elden Ring Clip Shows Host Player Using Ridiculous Number Of Buffs

Reminiscent of Dragon Ball character power-ups, a recent clip shows a player applying as many buffs as possible before entering a boss fight.

Ring of Elden is an iconic title for many reasons, but one of the mainstays of its design is its insanely difficult boss fights. From Malenia to Mohg and all the bosses in between, many Ring of Elden the battles will test a player’s patience, knowledge, and skill.

Due to the high level of difficulty, some players will go to great lengths to prepare for battles. The preparation varies in the game, with some Ring of Elden players farming ridiculous amounts of runes to others in search of the best armor and weapons for the fight they’re heading into.


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However, there is another way for players to prepare for battles: buffs. In the game, there are tons of buffs that a player can apply to their character; these buffs can have a myriad of effects on the character, and there is at least one buff that can improve the effectiveness of every playstyle or build. Much like a player choosing the best colossal weapon for his Ring of Elden strength boost, the right buffs can make a ton of difference in fights. Recently, a player took this philosophy to the extreme, applying an insane amount of buffs before entering a wall of fog.

Reddit user BambaTallKing captured the moment his host started applying what’s likely every buff he’s acquired so far. The host actually applied so many buffs that he had to stop and restore his mana in the middle of his buff, and even added Ring of Elden‘s Flask of Wondrous Physick to further strengthen. The result was average Ring of Elden character transforming into a one-man army, powering up before a fight in a way reminiscent of the Suzerain animated.

However, bad news came when other Reddit users pointed out flaws in the player’s buff strategy. For example, one user pointed out that most buffs used would cancel out or replace previously applied buffs. Another user noted that by the time the player is done applying buffs, many of those cast earlier would expire. Another user joked that the player probably followed all that buff by dying immediately, to which BambaTallKing replied that the player was indeed dead almost instantly.

While it was really disheartening to hear that not only were the buffs mostly ineffective, but the player died almost immediately anyway, it was hilarious to see a player who at first seemed so prepared for the fight. . Perhaps the player could benefit from a unique spell Ring of Elden bosses rather than a series of buffs, but maybe they’re headed down their bonus lane.

Ring of Elden is available now for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X.

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