Elden Ring Altus board guide: where to go, items to get, and enemies to watch out for

Welcome to the Atlus plateau in Elden Ring, land of gold, death, royal capital, death, windmills and death. This destination marks a turning point in your journey through the Lands Between, hosting a number of key story events that dramatically change the trajectory of the narrative as well as some new and important characters. Despite the relatively small map size, there is plenty to see and do here.

Visit the royal capital of Leyndell

Whether you arrive via the Great Dectus Elevator or the hidden tunnel system up the mountain, your first destination should be the road to the capital. It stretches north across the Altus plateau and is guarded by a number of battalions of soldiers. This is the path you’ll take if you just want to progress through the story, although you’ll need at least two large runes before you can enter the capital.