eFootball patch 1.0 finally arrives next week

Konami is finally releasing the full version of eFootball on April 14, with a new patch to fix bugs and add new features that many have been waiting for since last year.

Patch 1.0 promises to transform the game from what Konami said is “essentially a demo” into the first full-fledged release in its new football series.

Announced in a blog post on the eFootball website, the development team said they had worked hard to “regain the trust” of players and took feedback into consideration to fix bugs, improve online play and add new game mechanics.

One of the major additions is the Dream Team mode, formerly called Creative Team, which allows players to combine a mix of their own players and real football stars to form an ultimate team.

Several eFootball gameplay changes will also be made. Konami has promised defense has been made more intuitive overall, and it’s also added controls for a shoulder charge, pressure call, and a one-on-one match option (essentially the button L2 in FIFA).

Passing has also been reworked, the AI ​​should now make smarter decisions when receiving and passing the ball, and Konami has added a “stunning pass” command for more finesse.

Changes have also been made to shooting, with Konami adding a variety of shooting styles to suit different situations, and dribbling has also been overhauled to be more responsive.

At the team level, new game plan options have been added allowing players to change formation, change player roles, employ tactics, and more.

Finally, Konami has adopted a client-server system to improve online connectivity, but said these changes are just the tip of the iceberg in terms of the overall fixes made with patch 1.0.

This version of eFootball was originally supposed to launch on November 10, but became the latest problem in a pretty disastrous launch.

In IGN’s current 3/10 review, we said, “Launching primarily as a demo with very limited modes, jerky gameplay, laughable crowd models, and more than a few bugs and glitches, it’s very difficult to recommend eFootball in its current form.” We will update this review after version 1.0 arrives.

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