EA is working on an anti-cheat system that will ignore 20% of cheaters’ button presses

According to a patent filing, EA is working on an anti-cheat system capable of ignoring every fifth move made by cheaters.

Cheating is a huge problem in the gaming industry, especially at a time when the gaming landscape has become more competitive than ever with the growing popularity of online multiplayer games. For publishers of such games as EAFighting cheaters and hackers will always be an ongoing effort, and a practical solution is to develop an anti-cheat system that uses effective mitigation techniques.

EA’s popular multiplayer games such as Battlefield series and Apex Legends have always been susceptible to cheating, leading players to demand more drastic measures to deal with cheaters. While developer Respawn Entertainment has its own plans to crack down on cheaters, EA has a much larger vision in the works. It looks like EA is developing their own anti-cheat system which works pretty smart.


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According to a patent filed by EA last January, the anti-cheat system it is working on will be able to disadvantage cheaters by imposing several penalties, one of which is ignoring 20% ​​of their button presses. This is clearly designed to make it very difficult for cheaters to play the game, as every fifth move they make will be completely ignored. On paper, this mechanic may give players a better chance of defeating cheaters on their own.

Although the diagram shows an example of discarded moves that are uniform, the patent also claims that moves can be discarded according to other patterns, such as the Fibonacci Pattern or Inverted Fibonacci, while still roughly conforming to the 20% over time. This way cheaters can never know which of their intended moves will be completely removed from the game.

The anti-cheat system that EA is working on is also supposed to be able to detect if a player account is linked to another account that has already been caught cheating. Therefore, cheaters will not be able to avoid penalties just by opening a new player profile to play the game. one or more penalties can be removed from the player’s profile if a certain amount of time has passed since the cheating was detected in the other profile.

The internal anti-cheat system has recently become a trend among major publishers. While there is no certainty that the patent will develop into a final product at this point, EA may still view this as an investment for its future games as it seeks to promote fair online gameplay.

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