EA delivers Eriksen FIFA 22 Ultimate Team card for free after distribution error

Following an error made in one of its latest updates, EA Sports has decided to compensate its FIFA 22 player base for its patience.

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When it comes to the world of FIFA 22, the Ultimate Team mode dominates in popularity, but with it, unfortunately, comes its problems. EA Sports had admitted an error in one of their most recent updates, and it’s become a constant issue with EA’s patches lately.

The fanatics of FIFA 22 The Ultimate Team mode received a total of 90 FUT Fantasy Christian Eriksen before the promotional release due to an incorrect update, according to the FIFA Direct Communication Twitter account. The original 82 overall version of Eriksen was mistakenly replaced by the FUT Fantasy version, allowing players to collect the item.


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Players who received the FUT Fantasy Eriksen 90 total will be allowed to keep the unit, while the 82 total version returns in all FUT packs. FIFA Direct Communications pointed out that the Fantasy FUT Eriksen will be considered like all other Fantasy FUT items, meaning it can be upgraded accordingly and will be priced the same in the marketplace. Adding to that in an additional tweet, a fix is ​​being put in place to allow players to use the Fantasy FUT item in matches whether considered a starter or reserve. EA’s FIFA 22 Ultimate Team is the game’s biggest source of online content revenue, with new digital content released every week.

With the shock of its premature release being quickly corrected and corrected by EA, players were pleasantly surprised at how the error was compensated. All players who owned a Christian Eriksen unit in their club saw it upgraded to the FUT Fantasy version. After EA’s recent controversy with a loot box that made headlines in the world of sports games, it is making strides to avoid further issues. The Eriksen unit was likely to be released as part of an upcoming celebratory campaign, scheduled for this week after he returned to football after serious health issues.

Players will need to have previously owned the Eriksen unit to acquire the 90-overall version. To claim it, they will need to enter Ultimate Team, select their club, and search for special map items. There, players will find the unit to add to their club, and they can use it in online matches. Players looking to sell quickly can do so in the market, where the Eriksen unit is currently selling for 50,000 coins. The unit will likely become a staple among teams looking to gain traction in FIFA 22Squad Building Challenge and other online modes.

FIFA 22 is available now for PC, PS4, PS5, Stadia, Switch, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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