Dragonflight is already nerfing flying speed for Drakthire

Dragonflight is already nerfing flying speed for Drakthire

World of Warcraft made the unfortunate decision to nerf the maximum flight speed of Drakthire’s Swarm racial ability in Dragonflight.

World of Warcraft This is well within the alpha testing period Dragonflight, meaning players have the chance to take to the skies as the new Dragonic Drakthyre race. unfortunately, World of Warcraft Drakthire made the difficult decision to lower the maximum speed of Dragon Riding Soar to ensure balance outside of the Dragon Isles.

Dragonflight Introducing a new form of reactive flying called Dragon Riding Although dragon riding is only available on the Dragon Islands, the new Winged Dragons race. Dragonflight Soar can use the ability to access Dragon Riding in a limited form on a five minute cooldown in any zone.

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World of Warcraft The decision was made due to balance concerns outside of the Dragon Islands. Dragon riding can allow skilled players to reach 930% faster than ground speed, while normal flying can only reach 410%. This means Drakthair can move around the Old Zone twice as fast as other characters. Beginning with the next alpha build in early August, Drakthire’s maximum speed with Soar will be capped at 640% speed, though normal dragon riding Dragonflight will not be affected.

Dragon riding is one of the most exciting parts Dragonflight. World of Warcraft A lot of effort has been put into the physics and responsiveness of the system and has already been further refined during alpha and beta. Players also had a lot of fun using Soar to explore the past World of Warcraft The region is already expecting many fans what a great Future expansions will keep dragon riding and possibly replace the old flying system entirely.

From a balance point of view, World of Warcraft The decision to nerf Drakthair’s top flying speed is understandable. This gave the new race an unfair speed advantage over the old region—albeit on a cooldown—which could cause problems, especially for rare spawns and limited time events. Flying can still reach speeds faster than normal flying, so it shouldn’t cripple players with skill.

However, Drakthai players are still understandably upset about the nerf. Due to the cooldown on the ability, Drakthair is still quite limited in using Soar, and few think that giving them access to that kind of speed will actually be a problem for most players. Many people think World of Warcraft Soar’s cooldown should be reduced by at least a few minutes to compensate for the reduced speed. Regardless, if this nerf sticks through the alpha and makes it into launch, many expect Drakthair to regain their momentum once Dragon Riding moves it elsewhere. World of Warcraft After the zone Dragonflight.

World of Warcraft Now available on PC. The Dragonflight The expansion is set to launch later this year.

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