Doom 2016 player sets new speedrun world record

Doom’s 2016 reboot is already hectic and lightning-fast, and this player manages to beat the game in record time on an Any% run.

If there’s a game out there, chances are someone has attempted a speedrun and probably set the world record. With the players finishing Ring of Elden in record time, the world of speedrunning is clearly alive and well. The ability to get to the end of a game as quickly as possible has become a global phenomenon over the years, with titles like Loss being perfect for a race considering it’s already quite fast when played casually. Speaking of which, someone has now managed to complete the reboot in less than 20 minutes.


In a video uploaded to YouTube yesterday, Seeker TV set a new speedrunning world record in the 2016 release of Loss, with an incredible time of 18:26. The video has now been posted to the database, meaning it’s been confirmed and officially recognized as the best run. Seeker also holds the world record for Ring of Elden and Death Loop. All three speedruns were done in the “Any%” category, which means the player can make it to the end without making any real progress, such as collecting items or defeating bosses. They can even skip entire levels. In this case, the runner even managed to skip the final boss fight.

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Given the fast and brutal gameplay of Loss, seeing someone blazing through it is awe-inspiring to watch. Of course, much of the running requires the player to move “out of bounds”, allowing them to bypass entire sections of the game. Speedrunning this way means it’s possible to manipulate physics and the overall engine, which can be extremely difficult to achieve, especially when going fast, but it is a necessary element to save the player valuable seconds and frames.

With Seeker TV now saying they feel they can get an “under 18” broadcast, it’s likely they’ll be back to try again. the Loss series as a whole received a new lease of life, not only with the 2016 release, but with Loss Eternal, which is considered the better of the two new ones. Of course, the originals will always be appreciated, with the first entry being one of the most influential FPS games ever made.

As for the sequel to the series, id Software recently started hiring for an unannounced project. Whether it’s a new Loss game or even another dormant installment earthquake the franchise remains to be seen, but it will be interesting to see what the studio comes up with next.

Destiny 2016 is available now on PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PC and Google Stadia.

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