Donald Trump Bitterly Endorses Ohio Senate Candidate and Former Trump Hater JD Vance

Former President Donald Trump made his second controversial endorsement in as many weeks on Friday, throwing a lifeline to the struggling Senate campaign of Ohio native and venture capitalist JD Vance.

But the endorsement, which came at 5 p.m. on Good Friday, was not without typical Trump bitterness.

“Like others, JD Vance may have said some not-so-good things about me in the past, but he gets it now, and I’ve seen it in spades,” Trump said in his endorsing statement, while giving away that Vance is “our best chance of victory” in the race.

“In the Great State of Ohio, the most qualified and ready to win candidate in November is JD Vance,” the statement read. “We can’t play games. It’s all about winning!”

Trump appeared concerned about the most salient criticisms of Vance, regarding Vance’s numerous attacks on Trump’s character and policies during the 2016 election. Those remarks plagued Vance’s campaign from the start, and he has since appeared long that the only thing that could dispel them is the forgiveness and blessing of Trump himself.

“It’s not an easy endorsement for me because I love and respect some of the other candidates in the race – they’ve said great things about ‘Trump’ and, like me, they love Ohio and love our country. ,” the statement said, later calling these rivals “contenders and wannabes.”

Trump avoided an endorsement in the crowded primary for quite a while, naturally not making either candidate shine. The contest has been a “race to the bottom” for months, marked by fierce infighting over the MAGA vote.

Vance, a wealthy tech investor whose 2016 memoir made him a household name, had been the biggest loser in that fight so far, behind frontrunner Mike Gibbons and former state treasurer Josh Mandel. .

In February, Politico reported that an internal poll concluded that Vance was in “precipitous decline” and “needs a course correction ASAP.” He is “still misaligned ideologically,” pollsters said, adding that “driving his negatives is the perception that he is anti-Trump.”

However, the poll said an endorsement from Trump could triple Vance’s chances in the state.

While Vance got what he wanted, it’s unclear how the MAGAverse will receive the move, especially given the backlash last week to Trump’s endorsement of Dr. Oz in the Pennsylvania Senate race.

And Trump’s own statement seemed aware of that fact.

“Ohio has been good for me, I’ve won it twice, really BIG, and I’ve been BIG for Ohio as well,” Trump said. “Let’s keep it up!

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