Diablo 3 Season 26 kicks off today and includes a brand new activity

Diablo III continues its seasonal updates as we get ever closer to the launch of Diablo IV, and the latest of them, Season 26, kicks off today at 5:00 PM PT / 8:00 PM ET. Looks like it’s going to be pretty scary, so better play with the light on if you’re worried about being scared. Perhaps.

Season 26’s theme is Echoing Nightmare, which is also the name of a new activity that requires you to fight through a “densely charged, increasingly difficult event” that shows what happens if you fail in your mission as Nephalem. Cosmetic rewards return items originally featured in Season 14, including Portrait Frames and a Justice Pennant.

Diablo III Season 26

The update comes as Blizzard also continues to make changes and additions to Diablo II: Resurrected, its remake of the classic dungeon-crawler. Patch 2.4 updates every class, acting as Diablo II’s first gameplay update in over a decade.

The full patch notes for Diablo III are below. Along with the changes across all platforms, the Xbox Series X version now also runs native 4K, while the Series S version remains at 1080p.

Diablo III Season 26 Patch Notes

Details of the theme of the season:

  • Petrified Screams and Resounding Nightmare are only accessible with Season Characters.
  • Only one player is required to transmute a Petrified Scream to open a Resounding Nightmare in a multiplayer game.
  • Similar to a boss encounter, all players in a multiplayer game must accept a prompt to enter.
  • In A Resonating Nightmare, the difficulty scales as players progress through the encounter. Players can progress faster by quickly defeating monsters.
  • Players receive the following rewards after completing a Resonating Nightmare: EXP, Legendary Items, Blood Shards, Gems, and a new Legendary Gem, Whisper of Atonement.
  • Whisper of Atonement is a legendary gem used exclusively to augment ancient legendary items. It drops pre-ranked based on player performance in Echoing Nightmare.
  • Rare monsters now spawn in a resounding nightmare.
  • Meteors are now falling from the sky.
  • Infernal Machinations now spawn, which generate explosive lunatic streams.
  • Rift Guardians now spawn.
  • Increased monster spawn rate.
  • Updated Shadow Clone’s explosion to better reflect area of ​​effect.
  • Exit delay increased to 60 seconds.
  • Increased the possible rank a Whisper of Atonement can drop to 125 based on level completed.
  • Monsters in Echoing Nightmares can no longer be frozen, stunned, rooted, or knocked down.
  • Fixed a bug that caused Conduit Shrines to deal less damage than intended.

New updates (post-PTR)

  • Monsters in Echoing Nightmares no longer drop gold, items, or health globes.
  • Adjusted the damage dealt by Exploding Lunatics and Meteors to be deadlier.
  • Adjusted Meteor and Fallen Lunatic Molten damage to physical.
  • Adjusted the difficulty of levels 100+.
  • Replaced Shield Pylon with Speed ​​Pylon.
  • Adjusted the EXP rewarded from Echoing Nightmares to align with the Greater Rift surrender rewards.
  • Reduced Echoing Nightmare close timer to 30 seconds.
  • Prevents Echoing Nightmares from opening in games below level 70.
  • Adjusted the drop rate of Petrified Shouts from Guardians of the Great Rift.

Great Rift Updates

We wanted to improve the Greater Rift experience through quality of life updates, balance changes, and by responding to community feedback. We’ve reviewed all of the maps and monsters that appear in Greater Rifts and reworked the probabilities overall to ensure players spend more time with the content they enjoy. Less spaghetti and more chicken!

Orek’s Dream: Upper Rifts have a small chance to roll as Orek’s Dream. These Dream Rifts have a curated list of cards and monster compositions.

  • 3 maps have been added and 2 maps have been removed from the Greater Rift pool.
    • Added: Miseryfields, Wastesands, and Briarthorn Graveyard
    • Removed: Caldeum Sewers and Hidden Aqueducts
  • The probability of Great Rift maps has been adjusted.
  • The probability of monster groups has been adjusted.
  • The following monsters have been adjusted to grant more progression and EXP in Upper Rifts.
    • Blazing Guardians
    • Smoldering Guardians
    • Frost Keeper
    • Noxious Guardian
    • shock keeper
    • BloodClan Lancer
    • Dark Moon Clan Impaler
    • Moon Clan Impaler
    • BloodClan Impaler
    • IceClan Impaler
    • witch from hell
    • vile temptress
  • Players can talk to Orek to close an active Greater Rift. This option is only available in a single player game.
  • Further increased the progress granted by certain monsters in the Upper Rifts.
  • Additionally, increased progression granted by Fallen Shaman, Fallen Conjurer, Fallen Prophet, and Fallen Firemage.
  • Updated visual effects when entering Orek’s Dream.
  • Updated the Orek’s Dream thumbnail to be more pronounced.



  • Raekor’s Legacy (4 Piece Bonus): Furious Charge gains the effect of each rune and deals 1000% increased damage. For every 1% health you are missing, your old spear damage is increased by 2%.
  • Legacy of Raekor (6 Piece Bonus): Hitting enemies with Furious Charge or Weapon Throw increases the damage of your next Ancient Spear by 5500% and causes it to release multiple spears from its target. This effect stacks and each spear throw consumes a maximum of 5 stacks.
  • Law of Arreat: Weapon Throw and Ancient Spear deal 150-200% increased damage.
    • Weapon Throw generates up to 25 50 additional Furies based on the distance to the enemy hit. Generated Fury can exceed the maximum cap of 200 Fury.
    • Ancient Spear refunds up to 25 50 Fury based on the range of the enemy hit and resets your Fury cap to its base maximum.
  • The Three Hundredth Spear: Increases Weapon Throw and Ancient Spear damage by 150-200%. Weapon Throw attack speed is increased by 200%.
  • Skular’s Salvation: Increases Ancient Spear damage by 150-200%. If your Ancient Spear – Rock Throw hits 5 or fewer enemies, the damage is increased by 100%.

Developer Note: We’ve added additional weapon throwing buffs to give players more build options when playing the reworked Legacy of Raekor set. We’ve also updated the Law of Arreat to allow players to reach new levels of fury.

Developer Note: We reworked Raekor’s Legacy to give the set its own identity. It was natural for the team to infuse the charge fantasy of Raekor’s Legacy with the Barbarian’s ranged skills.


  • Summoner’s Thorns: Punish and Slash attack speed increased by 100% and deal 67500% of your Thorns damage.
  • Fervor of Norvald: Gain 200% increased damage when using Steed Charge and for 5 seconds after it ends.

Developer Note: Norvald’s fervor is overperforming over several sets. We want to reduce its power, but we’re increasing the utility of Thorns of the Invoker to compensate.


  • All mystical allies spawned by Inna’s Mantra 6-piece bonus now have their duration refreshed with each attack.
  • Mystical Ally – Fire Ally: Mini-allies now have Passability.
  • Mystical ally – Earth ally:
    • Earth ally boulder speed increased. Rocks are always leashed to the player, regardless of the number of monsters on screen.
    • Fixed Earth Ally boulders being slowed down by missile dampening.

Developer Note: We’ve made improvements to Mystic Ally that should make the skill smoother and less clunky at times.

  • Bonds of Lesser Gods: Enemies hit by your Cyclone Strike take 150%-200% increased damage from your mystical ally for 5 seconds.

Developer Note: We’re happy with the gameplay of Inna’s Mantra Monks, but the Fire version performs too well, so we’ve removed the Fire Ally bonus from Lesser Gods Bonds.

Bug fixes | 2.7.3

  • Players could not change difficulty while a Resonating Nightmare was active.
  • Fixed a bug where Boon of the Hoarder allowed gold to drop in Echoing Nightmares.
  • Fixed a bug where the Dream of Orek sticker would sometimes disappear on Veiled Moors and Festering Woods when entering anything other than level 1.
  • Fixed a bug that caused Orek’s Dream opening visual effects to display inconsistently.

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