Destiny 2 Player Turns The Witch Queen’s Weapon Into An Upgraded Version Of Hush

Destiny 2’s new weapon crafting system allows a player to craft one of The Witch Queen’s bows into an even faster version of the Sunset Hush.

Destiny 2 The Witch Queen has received overwhelmingly positive feedback from the community, and its content has only been released for a month. Among the reasons for the expansion’s success is that The Witch Queen’s legendary campaign was very challenging and rewarding at launch, making it a milestone for future releases. Destiny 2The new weapon crafting system is also a big part of what makes The Witch Queen so unique, and while it was considered flawed at launch, the general opinion is improving as players experiment more with their weapons.


A huge problem for many Destiny 2 fans were that unlocking weapon models was a chore, as the only way to do it was to get multiple copies of a given weapon that also had Deepsight Resonance. That’s still true, but the grind has been made easier with increased drop rates for those pesky red-rimmed weapons. This change combines nicely with more and more players now getting their crafting materials over time, making weapon crafting more accessible.

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A Destiny 2 The player posted a video on Reddit showcasing his crafted scroll for Fel Taradiddle, one of The Witch Queen’s Throne World weapons, which is only available through The Wellspring activity. Because Fel Taradiddle is a light frame kinetic bow, it comes with a decent draw speed compared to another popular Season of the Risen bow called Under Your Skin. By combining the weapon’s base draw time with a draw time masterpiece, improved archer tempo, and improved successful warm-up, players can shoot arrows at insane speeds.

Reddit user called TheSoulChainer said his ideal roller features Polymer String for extra draw time and precision, Fiberglass Arrow Shaft for extra precision, and Freehand Grip as a mod. This combo makes Fel Taradiddle even faster than the game’s previous fastest arc, Hush. Hush has always been a fan favorite weapon in Destiny 2, and he was rolling with the exclusive perk called Archer’s Gambit and Opening Shot, which makes him extremely accurate and fast when firing from the hip and headshots. As such, the new Fel Taradiddle is quickly becoming more popular, and for good reason.

For players looking to replicate the craft, it should be noted that Destiny 2 will be getting rid of specific weapon crafting materials next season, including the various secondary materials required for each perk. Ascendant Alloys and Neutral Elements will remain though, and they will remain the hardest to find. Still, this Fel Taradiddle roll is sure to be one worth investing in, especially for those nostalgic for Hush being the sunset.

Destiny 2 is now available on PC, PS4, PS5, Stadia, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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