Destiny 2 Guardian Games Trailer May Hint at New Hunter Vanguard

Destiny 2‘s Guardian Games is an Olympics-style event that allows players to collect medals based on their performance in numerous activities, then deposit them in the tower to improve the ranking of their favorite class. This system creates an engaging gameplay loop where players can obtain loot simply by participating in the Guardian Games, while supporting a class of their choice for a chance at the top spot on the podium. Because the competition is class-based, it’s important to have a representative character, known as the Vanguard, of Destiny 2The universe supports Titans, Hunters, and Warlocks.


The Titans and Warlocks have their representatives in Commander Zavala and Ikora Rey, respectively, but the Hunters have been left leaderless since the death of Cayde-6 in the Destiny 2 Expansion discontinued since 2018. As such, Destiny 2 since then, fans have been looking for potential candidates for the position of Hunter Vanguard. While there are a few suitable candidates in the form of characters like Crow and Ana Bray, other major hunters like Shiro-4 and Lady Efrideet haven’t returned to Destiny 2.

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Today, a trailer for the Guardian Games 2022 event was shared by Google Stadia, and it features a brief introduction for the three classes of Destiny 2 as expressed by their representatives. The Titans have a line from Zavala and the Warlocks have one from of fate Ikora Rey, which makes sense, but Hunters ended up getting a voice line from an unnamed character, which has fans saying it could potentially hint at the new Hunter Vanguard. The character states that Hunters often don’t receive the appreciation they deserve, which could be a hint that Ana Bray will become the vanguard of Hunters in the future.

That’s because the “We don’t always get the appreciation we deserve” line is something Ana used to say when she was still a saleswoman on Mars after the Warmind DLC was released. The voice also sounds the same. But it’s worth noting that Ana Bray’s voice actor has been changed in Season of the Worthy, which could mean either Ana Bray is going to take on a bigger role and lead the Hunters, or someone else will. will do. A likely candidate, based on voice similarity, is Fateis Lady Efrideet. It might also make sense given recent events in Destiny 2‘s Season of the Ressus involving Lord Saladin.

Yet this year’s version of Destiny 2‘s Guardian Games has undergone many changes that will make it more memorable as an event, regardless of whether hunters might finally get a new Vanguard. However, that would be the icing on the cake for many fans of the game, even those who don’t necessarily play a Hunter. Story developments for Destiny 2 are always interesting, and this one would be really important.

Destiny 2 is now available on PC, PS4, PS5, Stadia, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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