Destiny 2 Fan 3D Prints Rhulk’s 77-Inch Tall Glaive of Disciple’s Vow

With the release of The Witch Queen, Destiny 2 saw an explosion in popularity and lots of positive feedback on the various elements of the expansion, with a particular focus on the campaign experience and the new Raid. As for the campaign, The Witch Queen takes its themes from The Taken King in destiny, and it draws on the lore surrounding the origins of the hive and the hive gods. The Raid, meanwhile, delves deeper into what players know about the Darkness and a menacing new villain: The Witness.


The Vow of the Disciple raid has been considered one of the best raids Bungie has ever made, and part of that charm is down to both the amazing setting and the fact that the final boss doesn’t stand still during the phases of damage, but instead moves. about. The Raid boss, the glaive-wielding Rhulk, is one of the most powerful entities ever encountered by Destiny 2 players, according to tradition. In fact, before becoming the first disciple of The Witness, Rhulk wiped out entire civilizations and brought down The Leviathan on Fundament.

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Rhulk’s Glaive is an iconic weapon, both because of its reference to Lubrae, the now-destroyed boss home planet, and the fact that it’s a big part of the final Raid encounter. himself. The glaive, called Lubrae’s Ruin, has a very distinct look that a Reddit user by the name of ColonelDiddles attempted to replicate with his 3D printer, ending up with a 77-inch-tall version of the weapon. While it’s not exactly the same scale as Rhulk’s Glaive, which is much larger in game, it’s quite close to the version in Lubrae’s Ruin that Destiny 2 players can get from Vow of the Disciple.

According to Colonel Diddles, the weapon required two impressions over a total of four days, the first impression being for the head of the sword and the second for the components of the handle. Because the glaive is so massive, it wouldn’t be possible to 3D print it in one piece, and those wishing to create their own version of Lubrae’s Ruin should expect issues with the hilt due to fragility. of this part. Always, Destiny 2 fans can find this and other 3D models online, and ColonelDiddles pointed out that a good place to learn more is a dedicated Discord server linked in the Reddit post.

Destiny 2 weapons are often very unique in their design, which has inspired fans time and time again to create their own replicas of their favorite weapons. An example comes from the amazing Destiny 2 Replica of Rat King shared on Reddit a few months ago, this time not made with a 3D printer, but rather with resin.

Destiny 2 is now available on PC, PS4, PS5, Stadia, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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