Dead by Daylight’s Anniversary Stream Happens This Month

Whether players have been playing for five years or recently tried for the first time, Dead in broad daylight continues to flourish as a 4v1 multiplayer horror title. With new content on an almost constant basis, Dead in broad daylight offers new reasons to keep coming back with plenty of DLC features that are only optional for players who want to purchase new characters.

Each year, Behavior Interactive celebrates a plethora of ubiquitous holidays and events that have become popular staples in Dead in broad daylight. But its most special and timeless landmark is its anniversary celebration, which takes place every year in June. Typically, these anniversaries come with a visual theme that is peppered throughout. Dead in broad daylight with exclusive cosmetics, items and rewards that cannot be obtained elsewhere. Now like Dead in broad daylight approaching its sixth anniversary, new details have come to the fold on what to expect.


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In preparation for its festivities, Behavior Interactive has announced that it will have an honorary show on May 17 to celebrate, where later festivities will likely also be revealed. Additionally, in its announcement of a special anniversary broadcast, Behavior invites gamers and fans to reflect on what made this year so memorable for Dead in broad daylight. In a one-minute clip, fans are reminded that Dead in broad daylight added Onryo’s artist and killer characters, a set resident Evil DLC and bargain totems with the addition of Mikaela Reid.

As a preface to the show, May 17 is set to reveal a Year 7 roadmap, quality of life improvements, gameplay improvements, a Chapter 24 reveal, and “store preview,” as well as what will be in store for in-game celebrations in June. Unfortunately, it seems that Dead in broad daylightSixth anniversary surprises may have been leaked ahead of the scheduled announcement dates. Whether or not that turns out to be true, players should hopefully still be excited for more content as May 17 approaches and with June not far away now.

Much more has been added over the past year in the form of survivors and tome archives, and Behavior Interactive thanks its fans for sharing “6 Years of Horror” with them as they enter their next birthday celebration. Behavior Interactive is now looking to the future Dead in broad daylightThe sixth anniversary broadcast teases “big reveals”, “game updates” and “good times”, so there’s plenty to be excited about for the future of the game. Dead in broad daylightThe official website now has a countdown timer for the Run of Show broadcast to help increase the excitement.

Dead in broad daylight is available now on PC, PS4, PS5 Stadia, Switch, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S and mobile devices.

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