D&D Direct announces several Dungeons & Dragons products for 2022

Today Wizards of the Coast announced a series of new Dungeons & Dragons some products. He also offered updates and information on the brand’s expansion into other media like video games and film. The full video is linked here and I’ve highlighted some of my favorite products below.

Spelljammer: Adventures in Space

The big announcement is the return of the classic Spelljammer setting. Spelljammer: Adventures in Space mixes high fantasy and sci-fi in a game full of flying starships, dead gods and strange new worlds. If Forgotten Realms is epic fantasy, Spelljammer is more akin to media like Thor: Ragnarok or Flash Gordon.

The new version offers a twist on the classic box set with a three-book hardcover box set, a Bral Rock map as the central hub, and a Dungeon Master screen focused on Spelljammer information. The books, due out August 16, include:

  • The Astral Adventurer’s Guidea 64-page hardcover book for players and dungeon masters that features the astral plane as a campaign setting and includes space-based character options, spells and magic items, deck plans, and descriptions for spell jamming ships, and more.
  • Boo’s Astral Menageriea 64-page hardcover book for Dungeon Masters that features game statistics and descriptions for over 60 creatures found in wild space and the astral sea, including astral elves, cosmic horrors, moon dragons and solar cells, killer comets and space clowns.
  • Light of Xaryxisa 64-page hardcover adventure for Dungeon Masters set in the Astral Plane and designed for level 5-8 characters.

Journeys through the Radiant Citadel

This previously announced product got a few more details ahead of its release. Journeys through the Radiant Citadel was created by sixteen BIPOC writers who created 13 adventures as well as 15 locations that can be dropped in any setting, as well as several possibilities for tables to create their own. The book is due out June 21.

MORE FORBESDungeons & Dragons takes us on a journey through the Radiant Citadel

D&D Campaign Case

Wizards of the Coast has announced a pair of products for the on-the-go Dungeon Master. Campaign Case: Creatures provides customizable plastic discs for use on the table with art media that can be reused. Creature Case: Land features dungeon tiles, a large double-sided map, and terrain teasers to allow dungeon masters to create their own maps on the fly. Both products are due out on July 19.

D&D in the media

The presentation included updates from the world of gaming and film. Baldur’s Gate 3 is in expansion and is currently slated for an Early Access release in 2023. never winter announced a dragon-focused expansion. The long awaited J&D The movie starring Chris Pine also got a title (Honor Among Thieves) and a release date (March 3, 2023).

Dungeons & Dragons Miniatures

The company’s partnership with Wizkids continues to grow. Wizkids will provide pre-painted miniatures to support the Spelljammer version. It will also create a new miniature tactical skirmish game called Assault.

D&D Starter Set: Dragons of Stormwrack Isle

A new starter kit is on the horizon to teach new players. Dragons of Stormwrack Island is built on feedback from players who played the original Starter set and Essentials kit. The boxed set is aimed at new players, players looking to become dungeon masters, and parents looking to get started with Dungeons & Dragons to their children.

The set will be available exclusively through Target on August 1. It will go into a larger release in October. The artwork features characters inspired by the 80s Dungeons & Dragons cartoon.


A product launch like this usually ends with a taste of the future. In this case, Wizards of the Coast has announced a second classic setting coming in Fifth Edition. Dragonlance returns with a Curse of Strahd style adventure book set during the war of the spear and a boxed wargame that can be played together. Both products are currently slated for release in November 2022.

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