DC cops are investigating the claim that the People’s Convoy hit a pedestrian

The Metropolitan Police are investigating an incident in which a driver participating in the so-called ‘people’s convoy’ allegedly hit a pedestrian in DC as the right-wing convoy drove through town on Sunday afternoon.

According to an incident report obtained and reviewed by The Daily Beast on Monday, Dupont Circle resident Kerry Lynn Bedard told DC police she was on the west side of the 1600 block of Connecticut Ave NW “when [the convoy member] hit her with his vehicle and rolled over her right ankle.

Convoy member Donald Bryan Thomas II of Butler, Ohio, who was driving a silver BMW 550i plastered with “TRUCKERS RULE!!!” stickers. MSM LIES,” told police he was only “driving slowly when [Bedard] entered the street and in front of his vehicle shouting, then lay down on the roadway. Thomas could not be reached for comment Monday night.

“This is currently an ongoing investigation,” Metro PD Public Information Office Sean Hickman told The Daily Beast. “If anyone has any information, please call 202-727-9099 or text 50411.”

An eyewitness to the incident – a local DJ in the area – told the Daily Beast that “the lady [Bedard] went between the cars as her own form of protest yelling at them and said the driver of the BMW was at a complete stop, then pressed the accelerator (low speed but enough to hit her).

“She was much older and had difficulty standing,” added the witness, who spoke on condition of anonymity. “I went to see if she needed any help or water or something, and he [Thomas] shouted at him to “get the hell out of here”.

The witness recalled that Bedard was “lying in the street” and a crowd gathered fearing that the driver was trying to move “his car towards her” further. Tensions only worsened, he said, as the driver allegedly pressed his horn while the woman remained on the ground.

Obtained by The Daily Beast

“I was assaulted with a deadly weapon,” Bedard, an outspoken member of the community, told The Daily Beast on Monday night. “It was a car that was in that convoy of truckers,” she continued, adding that the incident happened after she had lunch at nearby Zorba’s Café.

While the convoy driver essentially claimed that Bedard got into his car, the DC resident told The Daily Beast that she was hit “intentionally” and now has “two broken bones” in her leg.

“I have two witnesses who saw that he [Thomas] was stationary for quite a while, and the convoy wasn’t moving,” she said, “while trying to get his attention to open the window,” all in an effort to broker a conversation about not disturbing a “peaceful neighborhood”.

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