DayZ breaks record for maximum number of players after latest update

The zombie genre has dwindled over the years, but the likes of Dying Light 2 and, perhaps to a lesser extent, Back 4 Blood have shown that it still has its place in gaming. Bohemia Interactive DayZ is another example of something holding back the idea of ​​having a world infested with wandering dead. With a menu as big as the tastes of Ring of Eldenthe open-world survival game is big and pretty brutal, and recent numbers show it’s still popular.


As spotted by PCGamesN, stats on show that DayZ broke its all-time player record. As of this writing, the new record stands at 58,240 players, with approximately 23,000 currently playing. The last time it topped the 50,000 mark was in January this year. But in general, although it mostly shows an increase in numbers, it hasn’t really managed to hit the 40,000 region until recently.

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It’s unclear why there’s been such an increase in player numbers, with March figures showing there’s been an increase of around 15,000 over the past 30 days, but it could be due to the latest patch. . Last week, DayZ rolled out the Walpurgis Night update, which featured a number of changes and additions. Chief among these was the reinstatement of certain witch-like paraphernalia, such as hats and a cauldron, to celebrate the Christian tradition of scaring witches.

The update also came with some new stuff DayZ weapons. In this case, some firearms have been added to the game, such as the CR-550 Savanna bolt-action rifle, a .308 Longhorn pistol, and a 9mm P1. Many who have played the game know the importance of being able to get weapons. They will also experience rarity which makes the game much harder than others, where players can succumb to zombie scratches, starvation, disease, or a broken bone.

Given that DayZ is also one of the most popular open-world survival games, perhaps it’s not too surprising that it has seen a surge in player numbers. It promotes a slightly more realistic take on the zombie apocalypse trope, in which just finding a small can of tuna or a fresh zucchini can mean the difference between life and death. It might be a tough world to survive in, but the 58,000+ fans show it’s possible to make a successful game even if the clichéd undead genre isn’t as huge as it used to be. used to be.

DayZ is available now on PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

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Source: PCGamesN, Steam graphics

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