Damien Lillard is ‘proud’ of his commitment to the Blazers, saying winning the title elsewhere ‘will not be as fulfilling’

Damien Lillard is ‘proud’ of his commitment to the Blazers, saying winning the title elsewhere ‘will not be as fulfilling’

Fresh off A two-year, $ 122 million extension signed That would keep him in a trail blazer uniform until 2026, and push his career earnings with the team above $ 450 million, Damien Lillard explained, adding that trying to bring a championship to Portland was more tempting to him than joining other stars. Finding success elsewhere and that way.

“I’ve always said that if I do something that goes against someone, and say that I won in the end, I know better than I do. So I’ll be happy, because I don’t think anyone is happy to be a champion. No, but it won’t be as fulfilling to me as I want it to be at the moment, “Lillard told a news conference announcing his extension, ESPN. [compete for a title]I’m willing to go out anyway.

“That’s where I’ve always stood, and that’s where I’ve stood,” he added. “It’s going to be done or it’s not going to be done. I don’t want to go there with this crazy up-and-down battle and we need a miracle 10 to do it. I just want a shot at it, and if it happens and it doesn’t work. , But I can live with it. ”

Since being selected with the sixth overall pick in the 2012 NBA Draft, Lillard has spent his entire career with trail blazers – a unique situation in an era where players rarely stay with a team for long. In fact, Golden State Warriors guards Stephen Curry and Clay Thompson are the only active players who have been with the team longer than Lillard. The loyalty he has shown to Portland throughout his career is a matter of pride for Lillard.

“I’m proud to be that guy,” Lillard said. “Because I don’t think you can achieve anything just by going there and scoring a bunch of points. And what is missing in our league is character and fighting and passion and pride is not just the name behind, but the name on the front and you. How you come into contact with people affects them.

“And I think how much I’ve embraced it and I didn’t pretend to embrace it, really who I am, and I think it just shows the strength in him. It shows that there is something to be committed and that your heart is in the right place and Put your mind in the right place. “

Lillard, who was named one of the top 75 players in NBA history as part of the league’s 75th anniversary celebrations last season, hopes the loyalty he has shown – along with his success in Portland – will serve as an example for future generations of players coming to the league.

“Hopefully, it will have an impact going forward,” he said. “It shouldn’t be, ‘Oh, the media is saying it’ or ‘Everyone is telling me this.’ And you are persuaded to do what everyone is trying to persuade you to do, because no one will live up to these decisions like you, so I’m proud to be that person, and this company has shown that kind of trust and confidence in me. I’m even more proud that the organization represents such a commitment. And I hope that it will reach out to the boys who will come after it. “

In an age where long-term commitment is almost non-existent and players seem to be able to change squads, a star player is basically “Hey, I’m going to come here.” Will Lillard’s position limit his chances of winning the title? Perhaps, but he has made it clear that acting like him is equally important to him and worthy of respect.

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