Cyberpunk 2077: “There’s work to be done,” says quest director

Cyberpunk 2077 Patch 1.5 has made substantial adjustments to CD Projekt Red’s RPG, but the Polish developer is aware there’s still a lot to do. The team is still working on the game.

As noticed by TheGamer, Reddit user KamilCesaro posted an excerpt from one of Cyberpunk 2077 quest director Paweł Sasko’s Twitch streams, in which the developer provided a brief behind-the-scenes look at the priorities of CD Project Red.

“I can assure you we’re working on an expansion — we’re working on things for you as well,” Sasko said. “That hasn’t changed, we’re still improving the game because we all know there’s work to be done.”

This is in line with CD Projekt Red’s message a year ago – giving up on Cyberpunk 2077 is not an option. In April 2021, CD Projekt Red studio head Adam Kicinski said, “I don’t see an option to put Cyberpunk 2077 on hold. We’re confident we can bring the game to a state we can be proud of. and therefore sell successfully for years to come.”

In May 2021, Gabriel Amatangelo took over the reins from Adam Badowski as the Game Director for future Cyberpunk 2077 expansions.

Sasko clarified that he couldn’t say more about CD Projekt Red’s plans, saying, “That’s all I can tell you. We’re working on things for you. Like I literally go through daily reviewing quests or talking to people about things, so it’s happening.”