‘Cut the Disney channel. Cancel your trip to the park or your cruise’

Texas Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick (right) urges parents to reject Disney for adhering to a hard-line sex and gender policy, saying families should send a message to Disney executives by refusing to donate their money to the company.

In a re-election campaign email sent this week, which was also posted on the campaign’s official website, Lt. Gov. Patrick even told Texans to sell their Disney stock.

“Until they change their business philosophy, stop spending money with them,” he said. “Cut Disney Channel. Cancel your trip to the park or your cruise if it’s scheduled. If you own Disney stock, sell it. Although I didn’t own a lot of individual Disney stock, I sold it today .

He added: “I know your children and grandchildren will be disappointed and may not understand. But would you rather have them brainwashed by Disney radicals? »

Recently leaked internal videos show Disney employees speaking openly about their LGBTQ children’s program. In a video, an executive producer said the company encourages her to add ‘queerness’ wherever she can, whether it’s having two characters kiss or just having a ‘queer’ character. “.

Another video showed a production coordinator saying he was advocating for transgender, asexual and other “queer” characters in an animated children’s show.

The leaked videos come after Disney corporate management doubled down on plans to fight Florida’s Parental Rights in Education Act, which prohibits teaching about sexuality and gender ideology from kindergarten in the third year.

Disney falsely claimed the law threatened the safety of its gay and transgender employees and pledged to help repeal the law.

Despite a massive campaign in the corporate media, a recent poll found that a majority of Floridians on both sides of the political divide support the law.

Disney also said it would fight Texas Governor Gregg Abbott’s (right) recent move on transgender procedures for children.

Governor Abbott has asked state agencies to investigate parents of children undergoing transgender procedures, including sex reassignment operations and irreversible hormone therapy. A state appeals court has put in place a temporary injunction blocking the governor’s measure.

Disney will now aggressively oppose Abbott’s initiative as part of its corporate commitment to radical LGBTQ activism.

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