Current Builds Of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Are Not In “Development Hell”, Says CD Projekt Red

Following news that current-gen versions of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt have been delayed yet again, developer CD Projekt Red has clarified that the game is not in development hell.

As spotted by PC Gamer, CD Projekt Red’s senior vice president of business development, Michał Nowakowski, said on an investment call in April, “I’ve been watching the headlines that popped up here and there on Internet, and I saw one that really caught my eye, which was “Witcher 3 next-gen delayed indefinitely”, which makes it look like the game is in some kind of development hell I want to say that’s not the fact. There’s been a lot of innuendo that we’re ‘gonna launch, like, June next year or something. That’s absolutely not the case. . “