Creative Minecraft players build intricate warden containment cells

Creative Minecraft players build intricate warden containment cells

Minecraft Full of different creatures and enemies for players to face. These include Villagers, Pigs, Creepers, and Ender Dragons. Some of these though Minecraft Mobs are friendly to gamers, others are hostile and will attack when confronted.

The most dangerous mob is the Warden. This enemy has been added Minecraft Through The Wild Update, which was released earlier this year. Although the creature is blind, it will appear when alerted by skulk screamers and attack anything that makes noise around them. They are considered the strongest enemies in the game, they have a large health pool and powerful attacks. Despite being so dangerous, one player found a way to imprison the Wardens by building a complex containment cell.

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A redditor known as Mean-ish-ness shared a short clip showing their warden containment cell Minecraft. The clip begins with the player opening a door and walking down a long corridor. After activating a switch, a wall opens and reveals a giant cell. The Warden stands in the middle of the cell, which is placed on a lone magma block surrounded by note blocks that keep it distracted. The cell is impressive, and shows that the construction required a lot of hard work and ingenuity.

The video shows a mean-ish-ness’ prison cell Minecraft’s Warden has received a lot of love and stands at over 22,000 upvotes. Many users of the SCP Foundation mention that the containment cells remind them of something from the fictional organization’s lore. Many Redditors say the prison is cool, with one noting that it reminds them of it unknown thing Series fans joked that the mean-ish-ness is now Warden’s Warden, though they warned that the creature could escape someday.

The mean-ish-ness the cell was made of shows just how much of a system they had to implement to contain just how terrifying the Warden could be, but a Minecraft The fan’s short animation also shows how scary the crowd can be. A Redditor named Flameburnt1234 created an animation demonstration Minecraft’s Steve is avoiding Warden. The clip begins with Steve hiding behind a wall with a torch as the Warden walks by. The animation shows Steve in complete darkness, leading him to light another torch. The video shows the Warden slowly appearing behind him and fading to black. Steve has likely suffered the same fate as many others who have encountered Warden, which often leads to a game over screen.

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