Cowboys’ Jerry Jones Announces First-Ever NFL Partnership With Cryptocurrency Company


Jerry Jones was elevated to the Pro Football Hall of Fame because of his contributions to the NFL, and not just because he helped former head coach Jimmy Johnson build a dynasty in the past. It was also because of his ability to blaze trails in the business world, being primarily responsible for stadium sponsorships which became the norm in 2022 but weren’t in the early 1990s – as one example among so many others – when Jones got into step. -toe with former commissioner Paul Tagliabue in the infamous fight involving sponsorship deals with Pepsi and Nike.

Fast forward to now, and the Cowboys owner charts another path in the league, this time involving the growing field of cryptocurrency, announcing a partnership with in a first-ever move for a NFL team.

“Blockchain is one of the oldest and most trusted digital asset platforms in the world, offers easy-to-use products and remains relentlessly customer-focused,” Jones said. by press release before a press conference to announce the partnership. “They’re bringing Wall Street to Main Street by making digital assets accessible to everyone, everywhere – and that’s a touchdown for our millions of global fans. We’re proud to be the first NFL team to sign a official cryptocurrency partnership, and are proud to venture into this innovative venture with”

The feeling is mutual on the other side of the case.

“We chose to partner with the Cowboys because they represent the most trusted brand in professional sports, compete with a champion mindset and believe in long-term partnerships,” said Peter Smith, CEO of “Having grown up in a rural America where football is deeply rooted in culture, I am incredibly honored to be associated with the world’s most treasured sports franchise and the Jones family, who have dedicated their lives to building a first-class franchise. the field for 33 years.”

Jones’ recent expansion of the Cowboys brand now includes a casino and cryptocurrency, the latter announced as the team battles through a tumultuous offseason that includes controversy in both personnel moves and the Jones’ personal life.

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