Coronavirus restrictions return to Wuhan

Wuhan, China – the epicenter of the global coronavirus pandemic – was once again subjected to coronavirus restrictions on Monday, including travel restrictions and mandatory nucleic acid testing.

Wuhan has yet to endure the harsh lockdown imposed on Shanghai, which has become a major human rights crisis three weeks after it was supposed to be closed temporarily in stages for citywide testing.

The Chinese state enterprise world times announced on Monday the ominous arrival of senior epidemic prevention officials to deal with a seemingly tiny outbreak in Wuhan that could have started with four workers traveling to Shanghai to build field hospitals. The controls they have imposed on Wuhan make the situation worse than the only 33 officially reported asymptomatic cases so far:

Measures should be strictly implemented to ensure that people from key areas who return to Hubei are investigated, inspected and detained upon arrival. Illegal activities such as evading inspections should be dealt with according to law, and unannounced inspections should be strengthened to eliminate hidden risks and dangers.

Wuhan, the provincial capital, has also required passengers who use public transportation such as buses and subways to hold valid nucleic acid test results for 48 hours, the Wuhan Metro Operation said on Monday. Company and the Wuhan Public Transport Group as 12 of 33 silent porters were reported in the city on Sunday.

the world times reported long lines at testing centers as residents of Wuhan obediently lined up for nucleic acid tests. The city was expected to process nearly 4 million tests by Tuesday. Residents who participated said they received certificates allowing them “to enter public facilities such as shopping malls or ride buses.”

Photo by HECTOR RETAMAL/AFP via Getty Images

Some Taiwanese citizens living in Wuhan said Taiwan News Monday that the situation was less optimistic and less controlled than that portrayed by Chinese state media.

Taiwanese correspondents have seen signs of a possible lockdown looming, advising each other on social media to stockpile food to avoid the fate of captive Shanghai residents. These observers said Wuhan officials have ordered at least 11 million nucleic acid tests, far more than the four million mentioned by the World times.

“According to the Shanghai scenario, the next step is the city’s lockdown,” a Taiwanese correspondent observed grimly.

the world times reported mass coronavirus tests have also been ordered in Yichang and Jingzhou, two other cities from Hubei province to Wuhan. These two cities have supposedly found no cases of Omicron infection, but are acting cautiously.

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