Conservatives accuse AOC of opposing policy of adding cops to subways that failed to stop Brooklyn shooting

A handful of conservatives and right-wing media figures are going after Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and progressives after a deadly shooting rocked New York’s Brooklyn borough.

Ever keen to pounce on supporters of a ‘defund the police’ message, critics of the New York MP quickly turned their criticism to the left after news broke that 10 people had been shot dead during the of a rush hour trip on Tuesday.

New York’s Democratic Mayor Eric Adams, who responded to news of the shooting this week by calling for even more cops on New York’s transit systems, helped champion their cause.

“You are going to see a visible police presence,” the mayor promised the townspeople.

But supporters of a pro-police message, in their zeal to combat the continued agitation by anti-racism activists, have now gone so far as to attack Ms Ocasio-Cortez for her objection to a policy that the pushback was ineffective in stopping the Tuesday’s attack.

One of the clearest examples of this is a Fox News article, published late Tuesday evening, entitled “Brooklyn shooting: AOC, other New York Democrats criticized 2019 proposal to put more cops in MTA in New York’s subways”.

In the article, a Fox News reporter writes that a 2019 proposal from the Metropolitan Transit Authority “would have” brought 500 MTA officers to patrol subway stations across the city, while pointing out Ms. Ocasio-Cortez to the plan. At no point in Fox’s article did the news agency note that the proposal had in fact passed and gone into effect, and falsely implied otherwise via careful word choice.

At the time, Ms. Ocasio-Cortez and other city progressives wrote to then-Governor Andrew Cuomo warning that the plan would inflate the agency’s already growing budget deficit and came to a when officers are already facing controversy for sometimes violent abuse. responses to suspected cases of fare evasion.

In reality, that plan to add 500 officers to stations around New York went into effect, but was insufficient to prevent Tuesday’s shooting or the escape of the suspect, who led city law enforcement during of a day-long manhunt before he was apparently spotted by a bodega employee who called a police hotline. Questions remain as to why the station’s security cameras were at least somewhat inoperative during filming.

Many progressives after Tuesday’s shooting again pointed to the situation as evidence that the city’s growing police budget is an ineffective and misguided way to tackle crime and public safety while noting how long it has took to name a suspect in the shooting and catch him. The NYPD’s budget has increased by $200 million in 2021 despite persistent claims by conservatives that Democratic-run jurisdictions are cutting funding for law enforcement.

It was announced that Frank James, 62, was arrested on Wednesday and charged with committing an act of terror; he is also likely to face additional charges. A Syrian immigrant to the US was credited with recognizing the suspect in the East Village and alerting authorities to his location, where Mr James was apprehended without incident according to police, who later said that the suspect had also phoned the police and alerted them to his location. himself.

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