Conservative party accuses opponents of backing illegal migrants

Boris Johnson’s Conservative Party has launched a new advertising campaign targeting its opponents for their support for illegal migrants in Britain.

In a perfect example of the pot calling black kettle, the UK’s ruling Conservative Party has taken aim at its political opponents with a new publicity blitz, accusing those in the left-leaning Labor Party of trying to keep illegal migrants in Great Britain. -Brittany.

The accusation was made despite the Conservatives themselves still failing to secure Britain’s borders for 12 years in power, while allowing a massive increase in legal migration from outside the EU .

According to a report by The telegraphthe British Conservatives’ campaign is based on Labor fighting against a new system for processing irregular migrants by boat in Rwanda in the hope of reducing the sometimes deadly canal crossings in small boats.

“Your MP has voted to keep illegal migrants in Britain,” the ruling party’s online advertisements reportedly read, often apparently with images of individual Labor representatives appearing to drive home the point.

For what it’s worth, the plan has also been criticized by a number of Tory MPs, with ex-Prime Minister Theresa May rejecting the measure on grounds of ‘legality, practicality and efficiency’.

It is also unclear whether the government will be able to start enforcing the plan in the first place, with various NGOs and politically motivated lawyers pledging to defeat the new border enforcement measures in court.

While UK authorities are committed to fighting all legal challenges, they have a considerable track record of defeats in immigration legal battles. Given the track record of the Tories – who have never shown much interest in actually protecting Britain’s borders, rather than just talking about it – it would be out of form to actually attempt the project being discussed, let alone talk to guide him successfully through legal challenges.

Britain’s Conservative Party has been in power since David Cameron took over as prime minister in 2010 and has never succeeded in imposing strict border controls, either in the legislature or in the courts.

This has evolved to the point where non-EU immigration has seen a massive increase in post-Brexit Britain, with Tory leaders allowing more migrants to come into the country thanks to the easing of visa restrictions.

This form of immigration boost appears to continue to this day, with current Prime Minister Boris Johnson hinting at new migrant visas for Indians this week.

According to The temperaturethe comments apparently came as part of an attempt to arrange a free trade deal with the world’s fastest growing major economy, with Johnson pointing to Britain’s IT sector as a market that has need more migrant workers.

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