Competitive Overwatch players let the opposing player win after being dropped by their team

Players in the Overwatch Competitive game mode show sympathy towards an opposing player who was left solo by their teammates.

Mercy Winged Victory

six years later Surveillance, the competitive game mode has a reputation for being a place that can get a bit intense and has the potential to bring out some of the worst traits in players. Despite penalties, improvements to the reporting system, and in-game incentives to keep players in a competitive game, unhappy players still leave Surveillance plays and hinder their opponents as well as their teammates who must now suffer the one-sided advantage or disadvantage of an unequal team. But sometimes a moment of light shines through as one player recently experienced.


After their other five teammates abruptly left a Surveillance match on King’s Row, one player was allowed to win the match as his opponents retreated and even pushed them to victory. The clip shared to the r/Overwatch forum by zzzzzzzztuo begins as the player’s Mercy casually pushes the payload to the end point and ties the match to force overtime.

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For the duration of their attacking round in overtime, the enemy team did nothing. They only exited the spawn room and surrounded the Mercy, causing no damage to their opponent. The opposing players made just enough movement to avoid getting kicked for inactivity and let their attack time expire in overtime. On offense, Mercy’s lone player simply outpaced his opponents. In a display of slight impatience, opposing player Lucio even nudged the Mercy on the toe as it slowly snaked towards the goal.

Redditor u/zzzzzzzztuo even credits his opponent’s play highlight, which shows him getting a 4-kill Genji Blade that decimated his opponents, including player Mercy whom he later benevolently. This play may have been one of the focal points that led to Mercy’s teammates leaving early and the substantial 3-minute attack time in overtime.

In the sixth year of Surveillance, many players seem to care less about their Ranked Skill Rating (SR), especially at lower gold levels and below. Many players have all the skins and golden weapons they could want and just go to ranked mode looking for a more serious and structured match than what Quickplay has to offer. Even with reduced intensity, players often get caught up in the emotions of competition. Rage Surrender is that emotion that gets the most out of players just when or before they sink into worse behavior. It’s nice to have a healthy moment coming from a ranked game for a change.

Surveillance is available for PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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