Colmenar Viejo coach is sent off for stopping an 89th-minute counterattack

An extraordinary moment occurred in the lower echelons of Spanish football when an assistant coach was shown a red card for entering the pitch to stop a counterattack.

In Madrid’s regional leagues, Villanueva del Pardillo and Colmenar Viejo drew 1-1 when the hosts went on the break after a missed chance from an 89th-minute corner.

They started the game quickly, with the goalkeeper playing from behind towards his defender.

The ball was then sent down the left to the striker, who had plenty of room to collide. There were only two defenders at the back and a number of forwards were piling up.

But incredibly, the attack was halted as Viejo’s assistant manager deliberately ran onto the pitch and tackled the player.

He then walked away as if nothing had happened, with furious Villanueva players rushing to confront him.

A brief scuffle breaks out between the two teams and he is ejected for encroachment and unsportsmanlike behavior.

The match ended 1–1, with Villanueva in sixth place in the league and Viejo a few places behind in ninth.

But the hosts were clearly still furious about what happened, judging by their social media posts.

In two tweets they wrote: “A terrific game which was tarnished by the actions of the rival coach which we consider contrary to fair play and the values ​​of football.”

“As stated in the referee’s report, the action in question was not committed by the manager, but by the second coach, who was sent off.”

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