CoD: Warzone’s Caldera Map Gets Skull Island Vibes For Season 3

The Call of Duty Season 3 update for Warzone is themed around a clash between Godzilla and King Kong for the Operation Monarch event. This limited-time event won’t begin until May 11, but Warzone’s big update will give Caldera a Skull Island vibe in preparation for the arrival of Hollywood’s biggest titans. Here we break down all of the Caldera map changes coming with Season 3.

Based on the roadmap and details from Activision’s blog, we already know that Caldera is going to have a new point of interest called Dig Site. The blog post also teases the setting and secrets that will be hidden across Caldera for this upcoming map update, so players will want to keep their eyes peeled for subtle clues leading to the Monster of All Battles.