Climate change extremists block train in Finland carrying Russian coal

Members of Greenpeace and extremist climate change group Extinction Rebellion in Finland blocked a train they believe was carrying Russian coal from reaching a port.

Activists blocked the train from reaching access to Koverhar Port in Hanko on Tuesday afternoon, with around 40 protesters occupying the tracks, some of whom police say also chained themselves to the tracks.

The demonstration started at the beginning of the afternoon and around 2:15 p.m. according to a Posting on Twitter by Extinction Rebellion Finland had blocked a train from entering the port. the train was stuck for several hours, with another Twitter user later affirming the train driver and the police who arrived at the scene had left around 8:50 p.m. local time.

Raili Nylund, an activist with Extinction Rebellion, commented on the action saying, “It’s shocking that in this situation we haven’t already moderated our energy consumption, even though we can at the same time put a stop financing the Russian dictatorship and contain the impending climate crisis,” reports Finnish broadcaster Yle.

“There is a direct link between global warming and this war. We finance the Russian wars by buying fossil energy from it, and pass through Finland, which allows it to be resold. I had hoped this nonsense would have ended by now,” said activist Elijah Saulio, who took part in the blockade.

Earlier this year, members of Extinction Rebellion in Ukraine linked European consumption of Russian fuels to the Russian invasion of their country.

“The EU’s reliance on Russian energy – gas, coal and oil – funded Putin’s military ventures outside of Russia,” a Ukrainian member of the group named Sergiy said in late February.

“When Europe is so dependent on these fossil fuels from Russia, it brings in a lot of money. And you see that money has now been spent transporting troops from Russia to the borders of Ukraine,” he added.

The British branch of Extinction Rebellion launched blockades of roads and other infrastructure for many months before the invasion of Ukraine and called on European countries not only to decouple from Russian gas and oil, but to stop using fossil fuels entirely.

Last week, the group’s UK arm disrupted oil depot operations for several days in a row as Britons were forced to pay ever-higher prices for fuel and energy.

The actions have led even the left-wing Labor Party to speak out against the group’s actions, with Labor leader Sir Keir Starmer saying: “The Government must stop sitting idly by and immediately issue injunctions to end this disruption. .

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