Clever Elden Ring Trick helps players cross the invisible bridge puzzle more easily

An innovative Elden Ring player discovers a trick that helps players get through the invisible bridge puzzle in a much easier way.

Ring of Elden has been out for almost two months and has already broken several records. The action-RPG has become FromSoftware’s biggest Steam launch, and many gaming experts believe that Ring of Elden might be the most successful release of this year.

Elden Ring’s The main selling points are its gameplay, immersive story, combat, and most importantly, its difficulty. Ring of Elden has many bosses, which makes the game quite challenging and enjoyable at the same time. However, players sometimes get stuck in certain complicated situations in the game, spending hours trying to find a way out.


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The Invisible Bridge puzzle is one of those places that leaves a lot of people scratching their heads. Players encounter this puzzle when trying to enter Heretical Rise Ring of Elden, located in the Giant Peaks, near the frozen northeast lake. Countless players repeatedly die trying to find their way to Heretical Rise via the invisible bridge. However, a clever Ring of Elden player discovered a trick that makes it easier to cross the invisible bridge. Reddit user second_trainer shared a video describing his method of bypassing the Invisible Bridge puzzle and reaching Heretical Rise.

The user first crosses a small part of the bridge on horseback before dismounting. Cleverly, second_trainer uses the Hoarfrost Stomp skill to reveal an outline of the aforementioned bridge. The skill bombards the surface with ice crystals and frost, making the bridge visible for a few seconds, allowing easy and effortless traversal. Interestingly, as the user was heading into Heretical Rise, a prompt saying “Retrieve Lost Runes” appeared and quickly disappeared. This suggests that the user may have previously died while experimenting with the trick, which many other Reddit users have pointed out in the comments.

The Invisible Bridge is one of many exciting locations in the vast open world of Ring of Elden. The bridge and Heretical Rise are part of the larger Mountaintops of The Giants area of Ring of Elden, which has many other notable locations. Besides Heretical Rise, Mountaintops of the Giants also contains Marika’s First Church and Forge Of The Giants, among other intriguing sights.

In addition to its huge open world, Ring of Elden is famous for its patterns with captivating stories. Malenia is one of Ring of Elden patrons who has developed a cult following in recent times. Although he is also considered one of the toughest bosses in Ring of EldenMalenia is known to have a mysterious and tragic past which makes it appealing to many players.

Ring of Elden is available on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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