Chris Paul, James Harden among those “under duress”

With the NBA within days of the playoffs, the spotlight has been shone a few notches on the league’s most scrutinized stars.

Three association players feature on Chris Broussard’s most recent “Under Duress” list, along with a certain Browns quarterback taking his now-familiar place as Broussard’s most vulnerable athlete.

Here is “First of all“Host’s Complete List of Those ‘Under Duress’.

Westbrook and Harden make Chris Broussard’s ‘Under Duress’ list

Westbrook and Harden do Chris Broussard

Chris Broussard details the five athletes who are under the most stress this week in the sport.

5. Russell Westbrook, Los Angeles Lakers

Perspectives : Westbrook’s arrival in Los Angeles, meant to put the finishing touches to a championship run, certainly didn’t go as planned. Averaging just 18.5 points per game, Russ suffered his lowest production in more than a decade, and his high-volume, low-efficiency style quickly fell out of favor as the team crested. completely escaped the playoff image.

The former MVP appears leaving Los Angeles, and at 34, his career prospects could be bleak in the years to come.

Broussard’s thoughts: “It’s going to be the toughest offseason of Westbrook’s career. He won’t be in Los Angeles. So he’s like, ‘Where am I going to end up?’ Next year could be his last season I hate to say it but he’ll be 34 He’ll be like 14-15 seasons deep in his career And at 34 guess who was out of the league for a year because he wouldn’t adapt to being a role player and a bench player. The great Carmelo Anthony, that could happen to Russell.

4. Judge Aaron, New York Yankees

Perspectives : Even the Yankees’ famous deep pockets couldn’t meet Aaron Judge’s demands this offseason, and it had little to do with his performance on the court. Judge hit 39 homers last season, coupled with a career-high .287 batting average and a fourth-place finish in MVP voting. The star outfielder hopes to demonstrate his skills and health to secure a long-term contract next offseason.

Broussard’s thoughts: “Aaron Judge turned down a seven-year, $230 million contract extension offer from the Yankees because he wanted about $360 million over 10 years. Here’s why he didn’t get it: He’s too injured. His five years in the big leagues, he’s only played two full seasons, so Aaron judges, who turns 30 in a few weeks, not only does he need to have a great season, but he needs to stay healthy. he doesn’t, maybe not even $230 million will be waiting for him after this season.”

3. Chris Paul, Phoenix Suns

Perspectives : This is the part where it always goes wrong for Chris Paul. The veteran star enters the playoffs once again running the point for one of the best teams in the NBA. Paul eventually made it to the NBA Finals last season but fell short of Giannis Antetokounmpo and the Milwaukee Bucks. CP3 and the Suns hope to top last year’s run and provide Paul’s illustrious resume with a much-needed championship ring.

Broussard’s thoughts: “CP3 [is on] the Phoenix Suns, the best team in the league this year. This is his best chance, and possibly his best, last chance to win a championship. Here’s the thing about Chris Paul, we [Nick Wright and Broussard] to have him as one of the top five point guards of all time. The four in front of him, they all have championships. A championship would separate Chris from those questions, and he would absolutely, definitely be in the top five for most people.”

2. James Harden, Philadelphia 76ers

Perspectives : James Harden’s time in Philadelphia, particularly April, probably didn’t go as Beard would have hoped. Harden has averaged just 21 points per game since heading to Philadelphia with career-low shooting divisions, heading into the playoffs on particularly poor form. Harden finally has a team with the weapons and star power to make a run in the playoffs, and Harden’s career could certainly use a championship to bolster his statistical stardom.

Broussard’s thoughts: “He is [Harden] everything done on the field, everything you can do in the league, except win a ring. And like CP3, part of it is on him. His reputation we all know is that he shrinks in the big moments, he fails to do that in games 6 and 7. And here’s the scary part, in April of this season, James Harden scores on average 16 points on 36% shooting and 27% from 3. So if Philly doesn’t make it out of the first round, [Joel] Embiid will not catch most of the heat. It will be James Harden and Doc Rivers. But James Harden and that quarter billion dollar contract extension that he wants, a lot of Philadelphia fans won’t want to give him that.”

1. Mayfield Baker, Cleveland Browns

Perspectives : For the third week in a row, Baker Mayfield tops Broussard’s list amid another controversial interview. The Browns quarterback recently appeared on the ‘Ya Never Know’ podcast, where he expressed a desire to boo critical fans at their workplace and said he felt disrespected by the quarterback’s recent decisions. back of the Browns. Those comments, coupled with a continued lack of interest from anyone to take Mayfield’s $18 million salary out of the hands of the Browns, leave Mayfield in a vulnerable position heading into training camp.

Broussard’s thoughts: “Especially after this interview, when [Kevin] Wildes pointed out, he [Mayfield] says he feels slighted. jimmy [Garoppolo] could say the same thing, Tua Tagovailoa could say the same thing, Mitch Trubisky, Marcus Mariota, they can all say that, but they’re not. It’s business, Baker. You must understand this. And so until you do that and you get a team, you’re under duress.”

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