China appears to warn of extended lockdowns coming nationwide

Several Chinese cities appear to have recently prepared their populations for possible Chinese coronavirus shutdowns in the coming days, indicating that the country could see a series of nationwide shutdowns in the coming weeks, according to the state. world times reported Monday.

“Based on lessons learned from Shanghai’s response to the resurgence of Omicron, a number of provinces and cities across China are taking more decisive preventive measures to eliminate possible COVID-19. [Chinese coronavirus] infections by mass nucleic acid testing,” the newspaper observed on April 11.

“Some cities are accelerating the construction of makeshift hospitals in Fangcang to be well prepared for potential new outbreaks, echoing the country’s zero momentum strategy,” the Communist Party of China said. world times relayed.

The newspaper cited specific examples of cities taking proactive measures against the epidemic, such as the Hubei province cities of Yichang and Jingzhou, which are located a short distance from each other.

In this photo released by Xinhua News Agency, a view of an area of ​​the Shanghai New International Expo Center converted to hold up to 15,000 beds to quarantine mild cases and asymptomatic carriers amid the latest resurgence of the coronavirus in Shanghai on March 30, 2022 (Ding Ting/Xinhua via AP)

“After central China’s Hubei province reported 33 asymptomatic cases on Sunday [April 10]provincial cities such as Yichang and Jingzhou began citywide nucleic acid testing on Monday [April 11],” the world times reported.

The Associated Press

In this photo released by Xinhua News Agency, a patient who has recovered from coronavirus is disinfected as he leaves a converted makeshift hospital at the Shanghai Convention & Exhibition Center of International Sourcing in Shanghai on Saturday, April 9 2022. (Jin Liwang/Xinhua via AP)

The publication suggests that government authorities in Yichang have ordered the city’s 3.8 million residents to undergo testing for the Chinese coronavirus as a precaution, as Yichang has not reported any new cases of the disease. the last days.

The Associated Press

A medical worker conducts coronavirus tests for residents after a confirmed case was found in the community on Sunday, April 10, 2022 in Shanghai. (AP Photo/Chen Si)

China has seen a resurgence of the Chinese coronavirus across the country in recent months. One of the country’s latest outbreaks broke out in Shanghai in early March. Chinese Communist Party officials ordered all of Shanghai’s nearly 26 million residents to observe a lockdown edict on April 5, just days after locking down half of the city both from March 28 to March 5. April to conduct mass testing for the Chinese coronavirus. The sequence of events during Shanghai’s current anti-epidemic battle suggests other cities, such as Yichang and Jingzhou, may be heading for lockdowns in the near future.

the world times April 11 cited another example of a city that may enter a Chinese coronavirus-related lockdown in the near future.

“After neighboring Jize County, North China’s Hebei Province reported around 40 asymptomatic cases in early April, Xingtai City’s Nanhe District brought the entire region to a standstill. This has been the case for nearly two weeks, with the district closing residential neighborhoods, suspending activities and initiating seven rounds of nucleic acid tests,” the newspaper observed.

the world times said he “learned from a local official that in the face of pressure from neighboring areas, Nanhe District acted quickly to prevent the spread of Omicron in the city.”

“Other urban areas in Xingtai City have also started collecting information on residents in preparation for mass nucleic acid testing if the epidemic in the neighboring area develops,” the publication revealed. .

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