Charithra Chandran’s parents are not happy with her career choice

  • Charithra Chandran has postponed a job offer as a consultant to continue acting before “Bridgerton”.
  • She told Teen Vogue that her parents considered acting something she did “until labor started.”
  • Although they weren’t “happy” with her career choice, Chandran said they were “proud” and “proud”.

‘Bridgerton’ actress Charithra Chandran has a pending job offer in consulting, and the 25-year-old told Teen Vogue her parents may still be holding out hope that she’ll take it.

“They’re happy that I’m happy and they’re proud of what I’ve accomplished. Are they happy with my career choice? Honestly, no,” Chandran told the publication on Tuesday.

She continued, “And I wouldn’t expect them to be. That doesn’t mean they’re not good parents, that doesn’t mean they’re not supportive.”

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Charithra Chandran.

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Chandran, who rose to worldwide fame as Edwina Sharma on the


second season of romance, completed an internship at the Boston Consulting Group, a global consulting firm, while studying at Oxford University. She graduated in 2019 with a degree in politics, philosophy and economics, as well as a full-time offer from the firm.

The Scottish-born actress postponed her start date for a year to continue acting and “get her out of her system” before plunging into 70+ hour work weeks (she was further postponed due of the pandemic).

For Chandran’s parents, who are both immigrant doctors from India, playing was something their only child would do “until labor started”.

“I was always kind of naturally academic. It wasn’t that they were in favor or not. [of acting at a young age]they didn’t care or didn’t care — [theater] was something I loved, it didn’t affect my studies,” said Chandran, who trained at the National Youth Theatre.

BCG’s offer doesn’t expire until December 2022, and Chandran told Teen Vogue that her mom and dad may still be hanging on to the possibility of her opting for a more stable and secure corporate position. instead of a full-time creative career.

Charithra Chandran Edwina Sharma Bridgerton

Charithra Chandran as Edwina Sharma in ‘Bridgerton’ Season 2.

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When Chandran first auditioned for “Bridgerton” in November 2020, she read lines for Kate Sharma, Edwina’s older sister. It was no match, and the role went to Simone Ashley.

“I did a few auditions for it and decided it didn’t work out. And it was okay. By then I had another offer for a TV show. A door closes, a another opens up. It just wasn’t meant to be. Oh, well,” Chandran told Shondaland.

Chandran and his mother are longtime fans of the period genre. The actress told Bustle that she had read “all the Jane Austen novels” and watched BBC1’s 1995 adaptation of “Pride and Prejudice” with her mother “once every two months”.

Even though she was busy filming ‘Alex Rider,’ her first TV series, and was initially turned down by the ‘Bridgerton’ casting team, Chandran’s mother had an idea her daughter was destined. to be part of the drama series Regency.

“My mom had said – and she’d never said it before – ‘I think you’re going to get it. You’re going to be on this show.’ It was just, like, thank you for being a supportive mom. But she kept saying it, even at the start of the year,” she recalled to Shondaland, adding, “I had to tell him. say it was over, it was over.”

bridgerton sharma family season 2

Mary, Edwina and Kate Sharma at a haldi ceremony in ‘Bridgerton’ season two.


Chandran’s agent called her in February 2021 to tell her that the “Bridgerton” team wanted her to audition again. This time, they wanted to see in her the diamond of the 1814 season: Edwina.

She told Shondaland that she took the time to consider the opportunity and re-read Julia Quinn’s novel “The Viscount Who Loved Me” before agreeing to audition, explaining that she wanted to feel ” passionate” about the role and didn’t want to accept it as a “consolation prize”.

“I heard what they had planned for Edwina, and I thought actually that’s a very important story to tell because so many young women around the world, especially brunette women, are in Edwina’s situation,” Chandran said.

“And I thought I could make a difference with this character and with this story. So I auditioned and got the part!”

The second season of “Bridgerton” is currently available to stream on Netflix.

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