Can the Steam Deck run Crysis? Kind of

Every new gaming PC has to answer an age-old question after its first reveal: Can it run Crysis? For Valve’s new Steam Deck portable system, I’d say the answer is sort of yes.

In a new report from Digital Foundry, the video game benchmarking group has installed Crytek’s classic – and originally poorly optimized for PC – 2007 first-person shooter, finding it virtually unplayable. on the handheld. Testing saw the game boot into an infinite loading screen, keeping the game stuck in limbo for eternity or until the Steam Deck’s battery dies.

For Crysis Remastered, it’s a different story. Digital Foundry ran the latest edition of the game at nearly 60 frames per second with settings optimized for handhelds. The team wanted to run the Steam Deck through the Crysis Crucible, however, and applied the optional “Can It Run Crysis” graphics setting to see how the hardware performed. This naturally caused framerates to drop significantly, while other visual compromises appeared on resource-constrained hardware.

Digital Foundry’s attempts to find a sweet spot for the optimal balance between image quality, performance, and fidelity ultimately led the group to discover that the best graphics settings for gaming are the standard 1280×720 resolution and 30fps mode.

“The medium preset is closest to the original Crysis at very high, with additional higher adjustments to surpass the game’s OG rendering,” Digital Foundry explained, via Eurogamer. “Set post-processing to high to allow access to CryEngine’s very nice per-object motion blur, which dramatically improves the flow of the experience at 30 fps. This also gives access to other enhancements such as reflections screen space, which really helps with less shiny surfaces in-game. I would also recommend the high vegetation setting, which gives us much better foliage coverage than the original Crysis.

The final verdict is that the Steam Deck can run Crysis (Remastered) in a way that’s both visually impressive and won’t affect the device’s battery life too much, but there are a few caveats. to that. An upcoming 40Hz update for the Steam Deck shows the potential to increase performance, but the most extreme solution is to mod the unit with an external GPU. If you don’t mind losing portability, of course. As for Crytek’s signature FPS franchise, a trailer for Crysis 4 was released in January.

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