Butigig defended her husband’s ridiculous tweet about Kavanagh in the face of restaurant protests in an interview with Fox News

Butigig defended her husband’s ridiculous tweet about Kavanagh in the face of restaurant protests in an interview with Fox News

Pete Boutigig has defended her husband over a tweet this week in Washington DC mocking Justice Brett Kavanagh’s diet being disrupted by anti-abortion protesters.

The transport secretary was asked to know Fox News Sunday If Chastein Buttigig’s Twitter post was appropriate, where he wrote: “Looks like he wanted some privacy to decide his own food.”

Mr Butigieg acknowledged that government officials “should always be free from violence”, but said they would never be free from criticism and peaceful protest.

“Remember, justice did not even come in contact with these protesters, it is said that they did not see or hear them. And these protesters are upset because a right, an important right that was taken away from the support of the majority of Americans.

Mr Boutig said he was one of six conservative judges who voted to overthrow him Rowe v. Wade, Justice Kavanagh stripped a woman of her right to choose and “took away her right to privacy.”

“Since I was alive, lawsuits have been settled in the United States that the Constitution protects the right to privacy and it is now thrown out the window by judges, including Justice Kavanagh, who I remember swearing up and down. God and everyone, including the United States Congress.” The front is that they are going to leave the case law alone.

“So yes, people are upset. They are going to exercise their First Amendment rights. “

Fox News host Mike Emanuel tried to intervene several times while Mr. Butigig spoke, speaking politely but firmly about him as transport secretary.

Pete Butigig appeared with Mike Emanuel on Fox News on Sunday

(Fox News)

Interview clips have garnered millions of views on social media in just a few hours, with users praising Mr Butigig’s calm, clear-eyed delivery.

“I thought Rupert Murdoch was the owner of Fox News, but every week I see Pete Butigig as their owner,” wrote podcast host Brett Michelas.

Sheryl Coston praised the one-time presidential candidate’s “intelligent and precise” remarks.

“While always being polite, he doesn’t let the host interrupt when they don’t like his speech.”

Writer Steve Basklass says no one comes close to Mr Butigig “in his ability to express issues in clear and lively language, including Fox News.”

On Wednesday night, Justice Kavanagh tore up the back of Morton’s steakhouse in Washington DC to avoid abortion rights protesters who got a tip that he was eating there.

“Honorable Supreme Court Justice Kavanagh and our other patrons at the restaurant were unnecessarily harassed by unscrupulous protesters while having dinner at our Mortons restaurant,” the restaurant said. Politico In a statement.

The restaurant later reported a spike in counterfeit dining preservation.

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