Bungie Teases Destiny 2’s Upcoming Weapon Changes

Bungie’s next weekly Destiny 2 blog post will talk about the Season 17 weapon sandbox changes, and it’s one of the longest previews yet.

The middle of Destiny 2Season 16 has come and gone, and Bungie is already laying the groundwork for the next stage in the game’s continued evolution. There are many topics the team wants to discuss ahead of time, and Bungie is doing that through his This Week at Bungie (TWAB) blog posts, where the team digs deeper into certain topics.

DMG04, the Destiny 2 community manager, has now tweeted that next week’s TWAB will be one of the longest blog posts yet, with the article going well over 5,000 words in one go. Indeed, next week’s topic will be weapon balancing and sandbox overhaul, with the developer discussing both buffs and nerfs.


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“The team is working on some interesting changes,” said DMG04’s Tweet about next week’s TWAB. It’s unclear exactly what these changes might entail, but it’s clear that the meta is subject to change. The Witch Queen The best DLC weapons might be overshadowed by something new by the time Season 17 arrives, but old favorites might also make a return. It all depends on where Bungie decides to take the game and what weapon archetypes they decide to feature.

While the TWAB is highly unlikely to include any major content spoilers, the announced weapon sandbox changes may be affected by both new content and returning content in the works for Season 17. Specifically, it was previously suggested that Season 17 would feature a new dungeon (before Season 18 Destiny 1 raid) in addition to the regular seasonal content, which could lead to the return of old weapons in Destiny 2 somehow.

It’s also worth pointing out that craftable weapons are somewhat immune to balance changes thanks to their versatile and flexible nature. If a Perk falls out of favor in Season 17, players can simply upgrade their old craftable weapons to support a Perk that is upgraded instead. Like Destiny 2 get rid of crafting materials next season, it should be even easier.

Along the same lines, the community is also hoping to see changes to how Banshee-44 rewards players. The progression of the armourer is very irregular in Destiny 2 yet, as it forces the player to invest far more time in this particular system than any of the others. It remains to be seen whether this subject will be covered in next week’s TWAB.

Destiny 2 is now available on PC, PS4, PS5, Stadia, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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