Bungie may be working on an animated Destiny show

Ever since Sony acquired Bungie, it was clear that the Fate deductible and Destiny 2, in particular, have a bright and rich future ahead of them. With the release of witch queen Considered a big hit by most metrics, the company seems to be focusing on projects that aren’t directly related to the game, but which could end up improving the franchise as a whole.

It’s no secret that Destiny 2 has found its rhythm with the great witch queen expansion pack, but now that Bungie is backed by Sony’s media powerhouse, it’s interested in making non-games Fate projects too. Specifically, the company is now looking for a Senior Linear Media Producer: a specialist who would work on Fate media and move it forward.


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Bungie’s new recruit is expected to work with the franchise’s creative direction and with outside partners to oversee production milestones and budgetary concerns, and to represent Fate “at the highest quality bar,” according to the listing. The fact that Bungie is hiring a new lead producer to work on books, shows, and movies may be a major indication that Sony’s investment in Bungie was worth it. Fate has had a large and loyal following for quite some time now, but the franchise hasn’t really spread its wings all that much – yet.

To be fair, Bungie has been hiring TV and film staff for a while now, although it looks like things are really picking up speed on that front right now. Until now, there hasn’t been much information available on who, exactly, could handle future Implicit projects, and this job listing means Bungie is likely still in the early planning stages. Fateexpansion towards a more Halo-like managing external media, with novels, series and more.

So the really intriguing question is which stories and which characters should Fate focus on, in general terms. The lore of the franchise is filled to the brim with thrilling, yet totally uncharted stories. Lysander’s coup attempt in the Last City, the great disaster in the Vanguard’s first clash with Crota, the Wolf Rebellion, and other stories could all get the attention they deserve, and without derailing Destiny 2‘s many, many ongoing narratives.

For example, it should be expected that Destiny 2 will likely explore The Witness’s identity through core DLCs, while anime shows, movies, novels, and whatever else the lead linear media producer would manage might focus their attention elsewhere. Whether that ends up being the case or not, however, only time will tell, and the one thing that’s certain is that Bungie and Sony have big plans for it. Fate in the future.

Destiny 2 is now available on PC, PS4, PS5, Stadia, Xbox One and Xbox Series platforms.

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