Bugsnax on Epic Games Store adds achievements

Since the Epic Games Store introduced an achievement system in October 2021, the number of games supporting the feature has steadily increased. A final example is Bugnax. The popular adventure game from indie studio Young Horses recently added achievements for players who purchased the game from the Epic Games Store.

Originally published in November 2020, Bugnax is a first-person adventure game that places players on a mysterious island inhabited by the eponymous half-bug, half-snack creatures. The game mainly lets players explore the island trying to find and capture different species of Bugsnax using different types of gear. Once captured, the Bugsnax can be fed to other native creatures called Grumpus, who will then transform their bodies based on the properties of the Bugsnax they eat.


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Bugnax on the Epic Games Store features 30 achievements, all of which can be unlocked for a total of 1,000 XP. These achievements were already available to players who own the PS4 and PS5 versions, but they are now also available to PC players through the Epic Games Store. Most achievements in Bugnax are fairly standard, and a handful of them can be acquired simply by progressing through the story, such as capturing the first Bugsnax (Everybody Gets One) and returning all Grumpus to Snaxburg (Know Thy Neighbor).

Some other achievements, however, require players to do more specific things. For example, Sundae Best, which awards players 50 XP for giving a certain combination of Bugsnax to one of the Grumpus, or Clothesline, which awards 25 XP for stunning a Bugsnax with a specific set of gear. Other achievements require more playtime, such as Got to Catch Them All, which can be unlocked once players have caught all 100 unique species of Bugsnax. However, this can be a bit tricky as some Bugsnax only spawn when it’s raining or during the night.

Fortunately, all the achievements in Bugnax can’t be missed, meaning players can get them all in a single playthrough, even if they’ve already completed the game. Bugnax is not a relatively long game, and getting all the trophies is not going to give players a hard time, especially if they have already mastered all the game mechanics in Bugnax.

Bugnax recently received a new free update called The Isle of Bigsnax which adds a whole bunch of new content. For many by Bugsnax PC fans, this might be a good time to revisit the game and also unlock some achievements that have been missed before.

Bugnax is available on PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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