Breathtaking Elden Ring Mod shows the player to explore in virtual reality

An Elden Ring player gives an exciting preview of a mod that shows how beautiful the game’s opening area looks while playing in VR.

Ring of Elden was released two months ago, and the modding community has released many amazing mods for the game since its debut. Players can choose to do Ring of Elden easier or even harder for themselves, and a mod adds a much-requested photo mode to the game.

Fans interested in playing Ring of Elden with a friend can take a look at a mod in development that makes multiplayer smoother by removing the need to summon signs. This mod allows players to Torrent and explore the world together. It also comes with some cool features, such as voting for the next fast travel destination and the ability for one player to spectate the other after dying to a boss. A Ring of Elden mod aims to do the unthinkable as it allows users to play the game in VR.


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The modder, named LukeRoss, has released a new video that shows off the Ring of Elden VR mod in action. The footage begins at the very beginning of the game, as the player picks up Tarnish’s shriveled finger and opens the first door to the Chapel of Anticipation. The view is even more magnificent in VR. The player wanders around the area, smashing barrels and crates before crossing the bridge to reach the first boss of Ring of Elden. The video features a small preview of the fight and ends after the player dies at the Scion Graft.

the Ring of Elden The VR mod looks incredibly well done, and the game’s striking art design looks best in this mode. The UI looks clean, although combat did show examples of some elements popping out of the screen. It will be interesting to see how the other gameplay mechanics transfer over and if it’s even possible to play a significant portion of Ring of Elden This way. However, the mod offers an impressive first look at Ring of Elden RV. Players can find videos of Cyberpunk 2077 in VR on LukeRoss’ YouTube channel, and their Patreon page mentions a VR mod for Red Dead Redemption 2 as well.

Although combat is impractical, a user wants Ring of Elden mod that allows players to explore its beautiful locations in VR without worrying about gameplay. A player wonders how some Ring of Elden enemies will watch in this mode, while another wants to get hugged by NPC Fia in VR. Obviously, many gamers are excited about the possibility of playing Ring of Elden in VR, even if specific actions, such as rolling, will be difficult to set up.

Ring of Elden is now available for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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