Boruto: What’s next for Boruto?

the Boruto the series is the sequel to naruto, set years later in an era of peace forged by the sacrifices of shinobi during the Fourth Great Ninja War. The series follows the story of Boruto Uzumaki, Naruto’s son, as he aims to fight his destiny and become a great ninja worthy of supporting the future Hokage. Over the years, Boruto has only grown in popularity and the story has gotten even deeper over time, adding more depth to the characters and even expanding on the lore of the naruto series.


With Kishimoto also working on the series, it’s no surprise that Boruto has a hold on most Naruto fans who, over time, have come to appreciate the new protagonist very much. Boruto Uzumaki’s journey may not be filled with as much difficulty as his father, but it is nonetheless a journey worth witnessing.

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Boruto’s Journey So Far

Although Boruto Uzumaki was portrayed as a genius ninja, unlike his father at the time, early on in the series the story took a quick turn when he, of all people, was turned into a vessel for Momoshiki. Otsutsuki. Playing a part in Momoshiki’s downfall, Boruto ended up wielding his enormous power through Karma, however, this power came at a heavy cost. While the strength he offered when needed was undoubtedly immense, he slowly extracted Momoshiki’s data into Boruto’s body, turning him more into an Otsutsuki over time. At the end of the process, Boruto Uzumaki would become a full-fledged Otsutsuki and allow Momoshiki Otsutsuki to resurrect once again with a perfect body that could handle all of his might.

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Obviously, this power of Boruto is, in some way, comparable to that of Naruto Uzumaki, who had a monstrous fox in him as a child. Much like Boruto, Naruto could access the power of Nine Tails, however, the cost was huge as the seal slowly began to weaken and Naruto even hurt everyone around him. Obviously Kishimoto is trying to set up something similar with Boruto Uzumaki having Momoshiki Otsutsuki sealed inside of him. As the series progressed, Momoshiki’s influence over Boruto Uzumaki grew even more and he was able to take full control of his body, as seen when he fought against Boro of Kara and completely destroyed him in battle and later stabbed Sasuke’s Rinnegan as well.

With Katasuke’s medicine, Boruto was able to control the transformation to some extent, however, Momoshiki eventually overpowered him and threatened to kill everyone close to him again. Amazingly, however, when Kawaki killed Boruto, Momoshiki was forced to complete the Otsutsukification process and only used 82% of his data to do so, meaning that in order to keep his soul intact he had to sacrifice the taking over Boruto’s body.

What the future holds for Boruto Uzumaki

With the latest developments surrounding Karma, Boruto Uzumaki is now a full Otsutsuki with around 82% Momoshiki in his body. With that said, however, Momoshiki can no longer resurrect in his body due to Boruto’s untimely death, forcing him to complete the process first. This gives Boruto Uzumaki similar power to Kawaki, which means he can now control Momoshiki’s powers much better than before and access stage 2 of the Karma Seal without having to give up control of his body.

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In the fight against Code, Boruto demonstrated this ability for a short time before succumbing to the side effects of the drugs he took. As for the story, Boruto now seems to be getting closer to the time ellipse, with Boruto Uzumaki now taking more control over his powers and already establishing himself among the strongest in the village, if not the strongest. Fans always know there’s a lot more to discover in the story as the prologue paints a clear picture of what the future holds for Boruto Uzumaki. Not only does Boruto grow up to inherit Sasuke’s sword, headband, and cape, but he also inherits Konoha’s shinobi’s will to fire. At the same time, he stands in the middle of a village that is completely destroyed and, on the face of it, his relationship with Kawaki is also fractured. The two end up on opposite ends, destined to fight to keep their loved ones safe.

Boruto’s future is rather bleak, as Momoshiki Otsutsuki himself said. Even though he passed away recently, according to Momoshiki, the future he envisions for him is far worse than death. Eventually, he will lose everyone and everything he holds dear. The Otsutsuki went on to state that the time for this event to pass is near, however, why and how exactly this will happen is something even he cannot see with his Byakugan. With the odds against him, Boruto Uzumaki has no choice but to dust himself off and fight fate to protect everything he holds dear and maintain the peace his father fought to establish in the past.

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