Blizzard Details Doomfist and Orisa Rework for Overwatch 2


While the Overwatch 2 beta will soon be upon us, there’s still a lot we don’t know about the sequel. In an effort to give players a clearer picture, Blizzard’s latest blog post discusses Doomfist and Orisa’s rework for Overwatch 2. This follows a closer look at new hero Sojourn, who will also join the following.

With the new 5v5 nature of Overwatch 2, it was necessary to change some aspects of how tanks will approach teamfights. This meant making them more brawling while retaining their defensive abilities.

Reworked Doomfist for Overwatch 2

For Doomfist, the transition from damage hero to tank role will see reduced verticality with the removal of Rising Uppercut. Rocket Punch is also less deadly, but it has some new tools to play with. Power Block will be central to any strategy with Doomfist, a defensive stance that reduces all face damage by 90%.

Block enough damage and Doomfist’s gauntlets are charged to increase damage, knockback radius, movement speed, and distance for the next Rocket Punch. Knock your opponents into a wall and they’ll be stunned for good measure.

Rising Uppercut has been replaced with Seismic Slam, which is quite similar to Winston’s ability, which creates a shockwave upon landing that deals damage and slows enemies. Meteor Strike remains the ultimate, though it has lower damage, faster cast, and slows instead of knocking enemies back.

Orisa rework for Overwatch 2

As for Orisa, she will become even more powerful when she faces other fighters. Trading ammo for an overheated mechanic, Orisa is meant to get closer to enemies and play more forward in Overwatch 2. Her new tools will include Energy Javelin, a secondary fire that will stun and knock down your opponents, and do even more damage if you pin the enemy to a wall.

Another new ability, the Javelin Spin will allow Orisa to move forward with increased speed, while destroying incoming projectiles and damaging and knocking back enemies. An ideal setup will see players gathering their enemies back before unleashing an energy javelin for more harm.

Orisa overwatch 2 rework details

Her new Ultimate, Terra Surge, will fortify Orisa while pulling in nearby enemies. An area of ​​effect attack will be charged simultaneously, and players will trigger the surge earlier if they wish.

As the way tanks work in Overwatch 2 evolves, it will be interesting to see how players react to these revamps of some of their favorite characters. Once the closed beta launches next week, we’ll likely see more updates coming.

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