Blind victim of alleged beating says her ex’s family attacked him for ‘turning’ their son gay

Fort Lauderdale – The victim of a alleged severe beatings that left him permanently blind told deputies he was ambushed by the family of his supposed boyfriend of nine months, reports CBS Miami. He said it all happened because they thought he had ‘turned’ their son gay.

His account of the night of August 6, 2021 is recorded in an arrest warrant which has just been published.

The 31-year-old victim’s name is withheld due to Marsy’s Law.

The victim, who lived in Pompano Beach, told Broward County Sheriff’s deputies he had a relationship with 21-year-old suspect Oleh Makarenko.

The victim said that at the end of July 2021, Oleh told him that his parents had found out that he was gay and that “his father treated him badly and no longer accepted him, and his mother forced him to marry a woman”.

His father and mother are suspects Yevhen and Inna Makarenko.

The victim told police he knew something was unusual on August 6 because Oleh asked for his address, even though the victim said Oleh had stayed there often and even had his own key.

When the victim came to open the gate for him around 1:00 a.m., he saw Oleh and his family, whom he recognized from photos.

He said Oleh looked nervous and yelled at him “Come inside!”

He said that’s when they chased him and broke into his apartment.

Oleh Makarenko in April 2022

Broward County Sheriff’s Office/CBS Miami

He said Oleh and Inna watched him get beat up. At one point, according to the arrest warrant, the victim said he turned to her and said, “Unfortunately, your son is gay.”

The account goes on to say: “One of them grabbed an unknown object and punched it in the face [the victim] declared. After he fell to the ground, he pretended to be dead so that they would believe he was dead and stop beating him.”

The arrest warrant states that at around 3 p.m., approximately 2 hours after the alleged attack, a sheriff’s deputy was responding to the apartment complex for an unrelated event when he noticed the victim’s door was open. The deputy said he was lying on the ground with blood around him.

At first the victim said she was drunk and fell. About six months later, he told investigators he had regained his memory and wanted to press charges.

The Makarenkos’ attorney, Mike Glasser, said: “We are expected to receive a substantial discovery tomorrow. [Thursday] ahead of Monday’s bond hearing. At this point, I remain firmly convinced that they had nothing to do with the seemingly horrific injuries the gentleman sustained.”

“So far, there’s really been little and nothing remotely compelling that this family has anything to do with this poor guy’s injuries,” Glasser told CBS. Miami in a previous interview.

Yevhen, Inna, Oleh and Vladyslav Makarenko all face charges of attempted murder, assault and battery and kidnapping. Yevhen, Inna and Oleh were also charged with hate crimes by the Broward State’s Attorney’s Office. Vladyslav was extradited from Alabama.

They’re in Broward County Jail. Inna Makarenko is due to have a bond hearing on Monday.

Glasser says the family have lived in the United States for six years and have never had any trouble with the law. They run a design company called MakSky LLC.

An online petition claims the Makarenko family are not guilty and links to a site to raise money for their defense.

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