Big Skull and Bones Leak Reveals Gameplay, Core Area, and More

Skull and bones, Ubisoft’s multiplayer pirate game, has gone through a tumultuous development cycle so far. Not only has the game been in development since before it was announced in 2017, but it also underwent a reported overhaul as announced in 2020. However, while Skull and bones has not yet received an official release window, it appears to have made significant progress. A recently leaked video of the Skull and bones alpha shows how the game has changed in exciting new ways.


The leaked video from the alpha was shared on Reddit, but it has since been removed via Ubisoft takedowns. The video captured an introduction to Skull and bones filled with narration outlining what players can expect. This narrative is particularly intriguing as it details aspects of Skull and bones which have not yet been announced. Big confirmations include a new social hub named Sainte-Anne, the progression track known as Infamy, and details about its gameplay loop.

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Sainte-Anne is obviously a major confirmation for Skull and bones. This confirms that the pirate game has evolved from a simple matchmaking-focused multiplayer game to something closer to Anthem or Destiny 2. Sainte-Anne is described as the place where Skull and bones players will do the majority of the work required for the hack. Players will craft and upgrade their ships here, acquire supplies for upcoming missions, and also land employment contracts. Naturally, players will also be able to socialize with others and show off their cosmetics.

The Hacking Game Skull and bones It is said to have been largely preserved. Players will take out their own ships for missions, through which they can participate in PvE content like plundering settlements, attacking fortresses, and taking on enemy ships. All combat is ship-based. PvP is not fully detailed, but the Skull and bones the intro mentions encountering hostile players in the open sea for some PvPvE action.

By completing quests, earning resources and money, and crafting upgraded equipment and ships, players will earn Infamy. Infamy can also be lost if players also lose a battle. It’s unclear exactly how Infamy influences the content players will experience, but it’s clear that the strength of players and the challenge of the game will increase over time.

One last interesting thing to consider Skull and bones alpha is that Ubisoft seems to have made significant progress. While the alpha remains under NDA, it’s possible it’s approaching a state where Ubisoft feels comfortable sharing more information, starting a beta, or even announcing a release date. The leak confirms that Skull and bones is very much alive and perhaps more exciting than ever.

Skull and bones is currently in development.

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