Biden has only given one interview to establishment media this year

President Joe Biden has granted just one interview to establishment media in 2022, according to the Republican National Committee research team on Friday.

In 97 days, Biden’s only interview with a reporter been the traditional, highly coordinated Super Bowl special on Feb. 13 with NBC News’ Lester Holt.

Biden’s avoidance of the press is noticeable, even to CNN. The Left Network noted that Biden gave just nine press conferences in total in 2021. In contrast, Donald Trump gave 22 in 2017 and Barack Obama in 2009 gave 27.

Biden is also well behind his predecessors on the number of solo press conferences given, according to The American President Project. On average, Biden doesn’t even hold one solo press conference a month. Its monthly average is 0.79. Per year, it averages 9.40.

Both Trump and Obama have surpassed Biden: Trump averaged 1.83 solo press conferences per month and 22 per year; Obama held slightly less than Trump with 1.70 on average per month and 20.38 per year.

Biden’s lack of press conferences coincides with a poll that finds many Americans doubting his mental capacity. Fifty-eight percent of Americans think Biden should take a cognitive test. Less than 25% of voters strongly believe Biden is stable. Fifty-four percent of adults think Biden is not mentally tough enough to run for president. And only 29% of Americans think President Joe Biden will serve a second term in 2024.

The poll is likely the result of how Biden handled the press. In the final months of his presidency, Biden snapped and cursed at reporters and contradicted his administration.

When interrogates in January about his comparison of those who oppose the federalization of elections to segregationists, he railed against a journalist. “Go back and read what I said,” Biden shouted menacingly.

Biden cracked in January when asked about 40-year high inflation costing Americans an additional $5,200 in 2022, according to Bloomberg. “What a stupid son of a bitch,” he said of the Fox News reporter’s question.

‘I’m sick of this stuff… people think the reason for inflation is that the government is spending more money,’ he said angrily another time of ‘Bidenflation’ .

Ever since Russia threatened and then invaded Ukraine, Biden has grown cantankerous. When asked at the start of the conflict, why he was “waiting for Putin to make the first move,” Biden replied curtly answering the reporter’s “dumb” question.

Three times in the span of a few days last month, Biden issued statements that his own administration needed to backtrack.

When asked last week if he regretted some of the statements his administration had to rescind, such as Russian President Putin being removed from office, Biden said he was not backing down on anything. “I’m not refunding anything,” he told a live national TV reporter.

It’s unclear whether Biden was unaware that his administration had issued retractions, or whether Biden disagreed with his administration’s retractions. Either way, European leaders chastised Biden for his statement, which could embolden Putin.

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