Best Buy will carry your old TV and more for $199

Best Buy’s offer to take out and recycle your unwanted tech and devices for a $199 fee. Self-driving service includes pick-up of two large items, such as a TV or washing machine, plus an unlimited number of smaller items, from laptops to printers. Best Buy will then send your products to a “trusted recycling partner”, where they will be reused, repaired or recycled.

You can view the full list of products Best Buy will pick up and recycle on its shipping service page, separated by what it considers large and small items. Best Buy says you’ll have to do all the disconnecting and dismantling yourself, so the techs can actually move it out of your house.

The service costs 20% less for members of Best Buy’s Totaltech subscription, around $159. Totaltech subscription costs $199.99/year for exclusive pricing, free two-day shipping, and Geek Squad technical support. Best Buy used the program as an expensive way for people to get easier access to Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 consoles that usually sell out instantly (Xbox Series X is getting a little easier to buy lately, you don’t probably won’t resort to buying a subscription). Starting May 3, the Totaltech program will also be the only way for buyers to access features like an extended 60-day return window, as it eliminates Elite and Elite Plus levels from its My Best Buy program. Rewards which offered similar benefits.

The shipping service builds on Best Buy’s existing recycling program, which lets you drop off old technology for free (or a $29.99 fee if you’re recycling TVs or monitors) at Best Buy stores. There are a few exceptions to this program, however, as stores in Pennsylvania and Connecticut do not accept televisions or monitors for deposit. And if you live in California, there are no filing fees.

Plus, Best Buy already offers to carry old technology when you order a replacement. If you buy a great piece of tech through Best Buy and have it delivered, you can have your old product shipped for an additional $29.99 for TVs and major appliances or $49.99 for fitness equipment.

Personally, I can’t see myself using Best Buy’s self-contained transport service unless I’m throwing away a major appliance or an absurd number of small items (not that I know anyone who has dozens of laptops, MP3 players or old cell phones lying around). It’s not because I don’t want to recycle, but because I don’t think you should have to pay nearly $200 to have someone recycle it for you. You can just as easily drop off smaller items at Goodwill or another consignment store. As for larger products, like TVs, you can sell them locally or even put them on your sidewalk for someone to pick up for free.

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