Beijing slams ‘bad faith actors’ for translating ugly internet posts

The Chinese state enterprise world times unleashed an editorial tirade on Thursday against “bad faith [sic] actors fueled by adversarial Western media,” who have waged a “malicious smear campaign against China on Russian-Ukrainian issues” by diabolically translating the hideous things Chinese nationalists say on social media.

“The image of China and the Chinese people in their portrayal has been arrogant, populist, cruel and bloodthirsty, forcibly presented by them to the world through the use of various pejorative terms,” ​​the official said. world times howled in his condemnation of the “Great Translation Movement”.

Much of the Chinese Communist newspaper’s venom was focused on a group of some 53,000 Reddit users who call themselves “ChongLangTV”.

The editorial did not bother to accuse ChongLangTV members of mistranslating or fabricating the outrageous comments they found on Chinese social media. Instead, their sin was supposed to be online “cherry picking” outbursts to embarrass China:

Starting in February, ChonglangTV began to publicize topics reflecting the “ugly face of China” in the Ukraine crisis, including amplifying statements such as the rumored “China will ‘import’ runaway Ukrainian beauties”, and tone-deaf comments that were made by a very small number of netizens and were widely condemned by the vast majority of Chinese netizens.

ChonglangTV members mainly researched and translated into English some radical views on the Russian-Ukrainian conflict from Chinese social media platforms, and reposted them as images juxtaposing the “original text” and the English translation. These crude translations have been picked up by many anti-Chinese media outlets and NGOs, such as SupChina and Radio Free Asia.

As the compilation of sensational and catchy topics gained attention, ChongLangTV members even started engaging in personal data research activities, publicly spreading the personal information of people they dislike in conversations. private on the Internet.

Reddit moderators banned the ChongLangTV subreddit in early March, leading many users to suspect the social media had succumbed to pressure from the Chinese government. The official reason given as the ban was a “disclosure of personal information” about one of China’s ultra-nationalists, or “Little Pinks” as they are often called, whose social media posts were translated by the group.

Other sources continued to raise collective blood pressure at world times by impudently translating what Chinese hotheads say on social networks.

A Twitter account called @TGTM_Official, allegedly the mothership of the “Great Translation Movement”, has angered the world times by translating messages accusing Beijing of supporting the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

“By sifting through hundreds of Twitter posts under the hashtags #GreatTranslationMovement, the Global Times discovered that many users active in posting and forwarding tweets are Chinese immigrants who left China for Western countries in previous years. “, sneered the editorialists.

The article rambled on to fifteen hundred words, naming and attacking individual contributors to the “Great Translation Movement” hashtags and Twitter accounts, spraying a lot of spit on a Twitter handle that has 17,000 followers. The crescendo of madness was reached when the world times accused this modest collection of dissident tweeters of inspiring criminal attacks against Asians living in the United States.

the world times mocked ChongLangTV users for saying they shouldn’t be held responsible for hate crimes against Asians because “people in the civilized world are able to think logically and separate individuals from groups.” This is apparently a difficult concept for hive-minded Chinese communist propagandists to grasp.

The editorial concluded by suggesting that China’s response to the “great translation movement” should involve “improving official communications with the outside world, including diplomatic and civil exchanges, using data and facts and well-told Chinese stories to counter the movement” – as if there weren’t already an overabundance of communist agencies and agents doing this.

Thursday’s hysterical screed wasn’t the first world times editorial attacking translation groups. A furious editorial last week, a former military official by the name of Wang Qiang, running a thousand overheated words again, denounced the Great Translation Movement as a subversive attack organized by sinister foreign agents to wage “psychological warfare against China” and unleash a “color revolution” in Beijing – in other words, an attempt to overthrow the Chinese communist government.

It’s not entirely unreasonable to complain that handpicked comments from the loudest voices on social media can be used to make anyone and anything look bad. The problem is that the translation groups find a parcel of these comments from Chinese citizens, including a flurry of particularly vile posts about Ukrainians after the Russian invasion.

What’s more, the “Little Pinks” aren’t just loud nobodys who beat their chests to impress each other – they’ve demonstrably affected the policies of the cruel and authoritarian Chinese state on several occasions, most recently including a successful campaign to ban the films of actor Keanu Reeves because he took part in a long-running annual concert for Tibet.

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