Beamdog announces MythForce, a Roguelite that combines D&D with 80s cartoons

Roguelites, roguelikes, and other games that rely on the repeated death of the player to overcome the main challenges of a given title seem to be among the most popular video games available today. Sci-fi thriller and roguelike Return recently won Best Game at the 2022 BAFTAs, an awards show that also saw other roguelikes Death Loop nominated for several awards. Now renowned indie developer Beamdog is looking to create a new roguelite experience with MythForce.


Gamers may know Beamdog for its work on remastering classic games like Baldur’s Gate and Nights without winter. Fans of the studio are now discovering its first new IP, MythForcean incredibly stylized first-person game in its new gameplay trailer. MythForce is a fantasy roguelite primarily inspired by classic 80s Saturday morning cartoons. However, from its fantasy roots some may notice a clear inspiration from classic fantasy RPGs such as Dungeons & Dragons.

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MythForce can be played with up to three friends or alone. The player(s) attempt to tackle an evil dungeon filled with enemies, traps, and treasure. There will also be powerful weapons, magic, and other pieces of loot granted to the player throughout their run. However, as is the case with many roguelite titles, almost everything the player wins will be lost upon death. The dungeon will also reset whenever a player or party dies, similar to the award-winning roguelike underworldwhich sees players battle randomly generated pieces across each part of the Land of the Dead.

Contrary to underworld and many other roguelite or roguelike experiences, however, MythForce allows players to team up to tackle the dungeon. There are four classes to choose from, including Rico the charming rogue, Maggie the wise mage, Hawkins the deadly hunter, and Victoria the valiant knight. This gives MythForce an atmosphere similar to Vermintide 2 Chaos Wastes, only with a much less grainy and dark visual style.

But MythForce already has four playable characters, the developer promises more in future updates as the game will enter early access before its full release. According to Beamdog, this will cause major content patches to be dropped every few months for the game, and as is the case with many early access titles, MythForce players who sign up early have the opportunity to effectively act as beta testers for the game, noticing what works and what doesn’t as the roguelite is polished for the next full release .

MythForce will launch in Early Access on April 20, exclusively on the Epic Games Store.

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