Battlefield 2042 Custom Games Just Got Major XP Changes

DICE’s latest update for Battlefield 2042 seeks to address Battlefield Portal’s custom game XP issues, this time limiting the amount of XP that can be earned based on the types of modifiers or rules in effect on a game. given server.

A graphic posted by the official Direct communication on the battlefield account on Twitter breaks down the new system, which limits various types of progress or XP earned based on the type of custom game being played.

For custom games that do not use modifiers or rule editor modifications, full XP and progression can be earned by players. But whenever a custom gametype changes AI behavior, damage or health values, or changes settings in the rules editor, the gametype will only support what DICE calls a “restricted” progression. This means that players will not be able to earn XP Ribbon, progress to weekly missions, or rank up weapons and vehicles to earn skins and attachments while playing on these custom servers, while only being able to receive a maximum 300 XP per minute.

A custom game with rules that fall somewhere between full progression and restricted progression – i.e. a custom game that changes but not changes AI behavior, health and damage numbers, or the rule editor – will support moderate progression. This means that players can progress towards unlocking Weapon and Vehicle Mastery (up to Rank 12) as well as Weekly Missions, but still cannot earn XP Ribbon. Player XP is also capped at 300 XP per minute on moderate progression custom servers.

A future update will make changes to the game’s Web Builder to correctly display the type of progression enabled based on a custom game’s rules and modifiers. The Battlefield Direct Communication account says more improvements will be made to the system in the future.

Battlefield 2042 has long suffered from various issues with its custom user-created Battlefield Portal games. Shortly after the game’s launch, players used custom games as XP farms to quickly upgrade their weapons and rank up, leading to the developers temporarily removing the ability to earn XP entirely from personalized games.

DICE’s multiplayer shooter has had a tough time since launching in November 2021, when it was criticized for being buggy. The game’s first season of content is set to arrive this summer, with DICE spending time post-launch improving Battlefield 2042 with weapon tweaks, bug fixes, the addition of a scoreboard, and map changes. coming.

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